The Family Clinic

Customer Success Story: The Family Clinic

Putting Primary Care First in Louisiana


“We found that eClinicalWorks was our best option, both in what they could provide for us, as well as cost-wise, so we went ahead and switched, and it transformed the way we practice medicine compared to what we had before.”
Dr. Laura Braham, owner and clinical lead, The Family Clinic

Practice Info

  • The Family Clinic, Opelousas, Louisiana
  • A small primary care practice with decades of service to their community, The Family Clinic is a Patient-Centered Medical Home and participates in CMS’ Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPC+) model
  • Five physicians, one nurse practitioner, 29 total employees
  • Serving 5,800 patients
  • Focused on primary care services, including care management plans to help control common health conditions
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The Family Clinic, Inc. needed a better Electronic Health Record to meet their growing needs. Once they made the switch to eClinicalWorks, they wanted to find a way to continue to strengthen their practice and to further engage their patients.


In 2018, The Family Clinic signed up for the Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPC+) payment model, expanding their access to patient data from a single hospital to several area hospitals.


The Family Clinic quickly noticed that joining the CPC+ payment model was helping them lower 30-day readmissions and cut the number of ER visits. One year later, the practice received the nation’s first CPC+ Practice of the Year Award.

About The Family Clinic

The Family Clinic is a small primary care provider with decades of service to communities in and around Opelousas, Louisiana. The practice has embraced care management, implemented transition of care follow-up calls, and expanded its access to patient data from local hospitals. Following implementation of the Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPC+) model, they are successfully controlling high blood pressure and better managing diabetes among their patients, as well as reducing hospital readmissions and ER visits.

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