healow Payment Services Improves Payment Collection  


Tribe513, a faith-based multi-specialty practice with 12 locations in the Spartanburg and Greenville areas of South Carolina, has enjoyed strong growth since their founding a dozen years ago. The practice recognized they needed a better and more efficient way to collect payments throughout their system. 


In 2021, Tribe513 adopted healow Payment Services, a simple, secure, and convenient online billing solution that rethinks every step of the collections process. By sharply reducing the costs of printing, paper, and postage — and eliminating processing errors — healow Payment Services saves practices time and money while improving patient satisfaction.


After nearly a year of using healow Payment Services, Tribe513 has seen dramatic improvements in their billing operations. They have sent out thousands fewer statements while collecting more revenue with each statement. Collections within the first 24 hours rose sharply, while payments outstanding after 30 days were cut to a minimum. 

In 2021, 45% of Initial statements resulted in payments – reducing subsequent billings graphic
Tribe 513 practice group photo

healow Payment Services allowed us to deliver the easiest method of payment to our patients with very little effort. We are able to see a significant impact from the first batch of statements that were available and continue to see quick payments from our patients.  
Josh Thompson, Tribe513 

healow Payment Services

healow Pay™ makes it easy for your patients to pay their bills online. And that could mean less paperwork and faster collections for your practice. Get started today by enabling healow Pay and the associated eClinicalMessenger® Patient Balance With text2pay Notification* campaign for collecting payments.

With healow Pay, your patients don’t need to log in to a Patient Portal account. And there’s no need to remember a username or password.

healow Pay and the Patient Balance With text2pay Notification campaign work with your practice’s billing cycle, sending automated communications† that let patients quickly and easily pay their balances at healowpay.com.

About Tribe513

Tribe513 is a busy, multi-specialty practice with 12 locations in the Upstate region of South Carolina. Uniting five formerly independent practices, Tribe513’s 70 providers and more than 350 team members now serve some 60,000+ patients in the Greenville and Spartanburg metropolitan areas. In order to meet the demands of ongoing growth, the practice realized they needed to implement additional solutions to improve automation in their billing and front-office practices. 

*Standard eClinicalMessenger rates apply.

†Practices must obtain prior consent from patients to receive payment solicitations and communications.