Growth, Engagement, and Success With eClinicalWorks and healow


  • Since partnering with eClinicalWorks in 2009, Witham Health Services has grown from 38 providers to more than 100
  • With eClinicalMessenger campaigns, Witham strengthened Patient Engagement and reduced no-shows
  • The practice optimized CCM to lower ER visits and hospitalizations among their most vulnerable patients
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Witham Health Services

“eClinicalWorks has become a valued partner with our organization, allowing us to reach our goals of improving patient care, and allowing our staff to be more effective and efficient in their daily workflows.”
Paul Frey, Executive Director of IS, Witham Memorial Hospital and Witham Health Services


In light of new challenges and opportunities in healthcare, Witham Health Services and Witham Memorial Hospital needed additional healthcare IT solutions to build upon more than a century of outstanding service to communities in Boone County, Indiana and the surrounding area.


Witham Health Services furthered Patient Engagement with healow CHECK-IN™ and eClinicalMessenger® campaigns, used Chronic Care Management to care for vulnerable patients, and leveraged healow Insights to facilitate bidirectional exchange of patient data with payers..

About the Practice

  • Witham Health Services
  • Primary, Emergency, and Specialty Care
  • 100+ providers, 30 locations
  • Serving 600+ patients per day