Boosting Data Analysis in Healthcare

Published on Thursday, February 1, 2024
Take a deep dive into eClinicalWorks Business Optimizer™ (eBO®) reports with Eric Pamperin from Indiana Health Centers. Discover how eBO reports help practices analyze and utilize data effectively, identify gaps and areas of improvement, and streamline practice workflows. Learn about the impact of implementing custom eBO reports to save time, optimize resources, and ensure the highest quality of patient care. eBO reports have immense potential to help drive success in healthcare.

“Where you really see a lot of the benefit of the EMR is when you can reduce some of the manual work that you’re having to do by looking at the data that you have.”

Eric Pamperin, IT Support Specialist, Indiana Health Centers, Inc

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Topics From This Episode

eClinicalWorks Business Optimizer (eBO)

The healthcare industry’s need for reporting, analytics, and business intelligence is changing rapidly. eBO gives clients an easy way to gain insight into their data. With a comprehensive suite of canned reports and an ever-expanding list of metadata, eBO gives practices all the tools necessary for success.

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