healow Payment Services: Convenient, Electronic, and Easy to Use

Published on Wednesday, June 8, 2022

This edition of the eCW Podcast explores healow® Payment Services, the convenient, electronic way to collect copayments and balances. Studies consistently show that patients who enjoy an electronic payment option pay their bills sooner than those receiving paper bills. For practices, healow Payment Services can mean faster collections, fewer phone calls, lower costs, and fewer days in A/R. And our solution offers practices complete transaction reporting to improve their visibility into their financial health.

“Practices are spending a lot of time and money uploading their statements to clearinghouses and mailing out paper statements to patients and this can be really inconvenient for both the practice money-wise and for the patient time-wise. When we look at healow Pay as a solution we need to also understand that the patient can receive a text or an email almost instantly and make their payment directly through the text message or an email.”

Sandra Lemay, Business Development Manager, eClinicalWorks

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Topics From This Episode

healow Payment Services

healow Payment Services is the simple and effortless way to process payments electronically for copays and balances, online or in the office. healow Payment Services can save time and money for practices, helping them get paid faster, while providing patients with the convenience of paying their bills before, during, or after a visit.

Cost savings

Practices using healow Payment Services can save up to 90% compared to the cost of paper billing by eliminating most printing and mailing costs. healow Payment Services delivers bills to patients in seconds and allows them to make payments instantly simply by clicking a secure text link — or paying on an in-office Kiosk when they come in for their appointments.

Time savings

healow Payment Services can reduce or eliminate mail delays, inaccurate postings, and the need to store, sort, and securely dispose of paper records. Our electronic billing solution can lower days in A/R, achieve 100% accuracy in postings (eliminating the need to send additional bills), and is an environmentally friendly solution to reducing paper in the office.

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