Skyrocket RCM Productivity with eClinicalWorks & healow

Published on Wednesday, May 8, 2024
Join us as we explore the exciting journey of New York-based The Dermatology Specialists, with their CEO, Gil Messer. In this episode, we dive deep into the process of eClinicalWorks® Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Optimization Services, from the initial assessment to the realization of clear outcomes. Learn how they used strategic optimization to decrease front-end denials by 40% and drop their claims submission lag by over 50%. Discover how healow Insights® real-time eligibility check and patient engagement tools have drastically improved their patient experience and front-desk productivity. Tune into this episode to examine the immense potential of RCM Optimization Services for your practice’s growth and expansion.

“Where you really see a lot of the benefit of the EMR is when you can reduce some of the manual work that you’re having to do by looking at the data that you have.”

– Gil Messer, CEO, The Dermatology Specialists


Topics From This Episode

Revenue Cycle Management Technology

RCM Technology includes all back-office integration to provide our clients an edge in the RCM space. Some features include providing patient eligibility and deductible information, bots to help scrub and submit claims as well as receive and post electronic remittances, and denials and appeals management technology.

Revenue Cycle Management EHR Implementation Specialists

eClinicalWorks Revenue Cycle Management EHR Implementation Specialists have the experience and expertise to maximize your understanding of our RCM solutions. They can help you implement industry best practices, make full use of the latest features and enhancements in eClinicalWorks V12 or higher, and solve your business and operational challenges.

healow Insights

healow Insights can help payers and providers approach care proactively by bridging the gap in today’s healthcare delivery system. Our innovative solution supports stakeholders in their journey towards Value-Based Care delivery and achieving the Triple Aim of healthcare. To do this, healow Insights provides users with a number of comprehensive services designed to automate the exchange of actionable data between payers and providers.

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