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  • 3 December 2020
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5 Healthcare Practices That Found Success in 2020



For healthcare practices, 2020 has been a year unlike one we’ve ever experienced before. Providers across the country had to make quick and important decisions to not only stay in business but keep their patient populations safe and healthy. From adjusting to legislation and workflows designed to combat the COVID-19 pandemic to utilizing new and existing tools and technology, providers across the country continued to do what they do best: provide quality care to those in need.

Below are five unique stories from eClinicalWorks customers who found success this year through comprehensive healthcare IT tools and an eagerness to better their business and continue seeing their patients.

More Telehealth Means More Time to Connect

When businesses were forced to close their physical doors in order to reduce the spread of the coronavirus, telehealth became the primary method of seeing patients. For Dr. Greg Gelburd, owner of Downtown Family Health Care, healow TeleVisits have also given him an opportunity to strengthen the bond between himself and his patients.

In one case, Dr. Gelburd could never figure out how to control a longtime patient’s troubles with hypertension and diabetes. Through telehealth, he learned that the difficulties that the patient experienced as a child greatly influenced where she is today.

“I made much further progress on that visit than I ever thought was possible,” he said. “It was really like opening a door into that person’s life.”

The convenience and efficiency of a telehealth visit also provides Dr. Gelburd with some extra time to tend to his garden and chickens!

Care From Anywhere

Talking to a doctor across the globe seems like something that would have been reserved for a sci-fi movie; with telehealth, it’s now a reality.

Providers at Healing Hands of Nebraska, a two-provider practice with three locations, are using healow TeleVisits to care for patients from half a dozen foreign countries and make care easier for patients living in a nursing home.

“It is 2020, utilizing technology in any kind of business is important, and for physicians like Dr. Aguila who really do reach the whole world, telemedicine is opening up a door for us to reach even more people than we did before,” said Michelle Johnson, COO for the practice.

Strong Tech Strong Numbers

VIP Midsouth Children’s Clinics, a group of eight pediatric clinics in Tennessee, saw a sharp drop in patient visits when the coronavirus pandemic hit. But the practice was able to get up and running with healow TeleVisits within a week, stabilizing visit counts, and assuring patients that quality care was there for them.

Providers also focused on enabling parents on the Patient Portal in order to further strengthen engagement.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

At MD TruCare, a small practice specializing in psychiatry, endocrinology, and sleep medicine, providers converted 80% of their office visits to televisits. Within a week, every office visit had become a televisit.

Dr. Imran S Khawaja, a psychiatrist for the practice, explains how patients enjoyed the ease and safety of telehealth technology. He was also able to expand his service area and accept more referrals – thus increasing the number of patients he cared for.

Caring for the Community

El Dorado Community Health Centers, a four-location, 40-provider, multi-specialty FQHC, were experiencing a high no-show rate because of limited access to transportation. With healow TeleVisits, providers were able to see more patients in need.

Telehealth technology made it possible for providers to communicate with patients who were prescribed opioids and were worried about withdrawals during the COVID-19 pandemic. They also let providers walk patients through the use of a new medication remotely.

To find out how other providers have found success during 2020, visit our YouTube page.

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