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  • 8 December 2020
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eClinicalWorks: Taking Care of the Caretakers



How EHR flexibility helps during life’s important moments

There are few things more complex than the world of healthcare. But look beyond all the talk about procedures, technology, workflows, rules, and reimbursements and you’ll find patients and providers who share a few simple goals: They want to maintain and restore health. They want to build personal relationships. And they want tools and technologies that support the caring that is the most important part of healthcare — for patients and providers alike.

That understanding and thinking led us to create this recent video that takes a different approach. Rather than focusing on workflows, analytics, patient apps, or financial performance, we wanted to look at some providers’ personal experiences.


We sometimes forget that doctors have families and personal lives outside the office. We may not appreciate that they, like everyone else, face the joys and sorrows that life brings to us all — and sometimes need a bit of help.

Dr. Kenneth Shah, a cardiovascular and pulmonary disease specialist in Henderson, Nevada, experienced that in 2015 when his son was seriously injured in a vehicle accident that required multiple surgeries and a six-month stay in intensive care.

Dr. Shah’s wife stayed with their son throughout his time in the hospital. And because his practice was using eClinicalWorks® on the cloud, Dr. Shah was able to access patient records wherever he was and used healow TeleVisits to take care of his patients.

“Without telehealth and the support of so many people, we would have lost our medical practice, our home, and not have been able to take care of our patients,” Dr. Shah said.

For Dr. Algimantas S. Kerpe and his wife, Melody, the flexibility of the eClinicalWorks EHR helped make another important life event — the first of their first grandchild ­— even more joyous.

Their daughter’s husband, who was training at Fort Benning, Georgia, was able to come home for the birth, just a day before going overseas. Once he was deployed, their daughter was left with a newborn and two dogs to care for — amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Dr. Kerpe said that eClinicalWorks provides him and his wife with the flexibility the family needed.

“We can have the personal time with her and our new grandson,” he said, “but also have a little bit of time in order to take care of any emergencies or issues or concerns with my patients and do it in a personal way even though the location is different. And that’s been very helpful.”

At eClinicalWorks, we cannot anticipate every situation life might present to our customers and their patients. But we are guided by an understanding that the best software is driven by human needs and not technology for its own sake.

Since our founding in 1999, we’ve believed that the best innovation is that which helps practices and their patients achieve balance in their lives, build strong relationships, and improve their communities. Our company motto says it all: Improving Healthcare Together.

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