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  • 17 October 2015
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Girish’s Keynote 2015




What a start! With 4,500 attendees, 120 learning sessions and 47 sponsors, we kicked off the conference with our first-ever “Prenote to the Keynote” Podcast, discussing previous conferences, as well as what to expect this year. Afterwards, Girish Navani gave a very insightful keynote address, outlining how the business has grown while tying in lessons from other industries. It is amazing where the company has come from and, even more so, where it is headed.


The Product Showcase followed, demonstrating some exciting enhancements, including 10e, a new cloud services platform. This technology takes a new approach to EHRs, incorporating population health and patient engagement for a single unified user experience. Built on HTML 5, it runs on every device and every platform. We showcased developments in practice management, analytics, population health and patient engagement, including telehealth visits, integration with Apple Watch and healow Mom, a new app for expectant patients.


With 45 million people having access to their records through healow, the patient engagement platform announces Internet of Things integration between home monitoring devices and fitness trackers with patient medical records, giving providers more complete information for taking action at the point of care.  We also announced free interoperability with any hospital system utilizing IHE standards for on-demand and real-time exchange of CDA data, ensuring accurate and timely sharing of patient data at the point of care.


During this morning’s events, Fremont Family Care and Community Health Centers were recognized for their achievements in winning a HIMSS Davies Award this past year, recognizing excellence in healthcare IT implementation. Finally, news of healowCares is something we are proud to share and a token of our commitment to help improve healthcare together.

Following the keynote, sessions were held today ranging from OB Flow Sheets Start to Finish, eClinicalWorks Dental, Chronic Care Management – A Catalyst for Increased Revenue and Better Patient Outcomes and The eCW Pediatric Practice. Attendees were also able to receive hands-on training and had the chance to visit the support and training rooms. We also held a live Podcast regarding Optimizing your OB/GYN.


The conversation on social media, using hashtag #eCW15, has been strong. Keep it going and tweet tonight using that hashtag, sending us your photos from your journey through downtown Nashville. We encourage you to go and explore this wonderful city and all the music in it.


We’ll see you tomorrow for the 2nd day of the 2015 National Conference!


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