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  • 29 December 2015
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Looking Back at a Solid 2015


This past year has been an exciting one for eClinicalWorks! As shown in the accompanying infographic, we opened two new locations in 2015 – one in Austin and the other in London – which will broaden our ability to service customers both in the US and in Europe. We also began an expansion of our Westborough headquarters, and expect revenues to be around $400 million for 2015, showing significant growth from previous years.

Aside from eClinicalWorks’ physical expansion, our significant investments in several areas over the past year have led to a full product roadmap. As a result, this has sparked the announcement of several new initiatives, including:

  • 10e: It will be a game changer for the EHR industry. This technology takes a new approach to EHRs, incorporating population health and patient engagement, delivering a simple solution for a complex ecosystem. Built on HTML 5, it runs on every device and every platform.
  • healow mom & healow kid: These free apps aid parents by adding facets to healow that focus on the full lifecycle of the patient.
  • healow IoT: Internet of Things (IoT) integration between home monitoring devices and fitness trackers with patient medical records, giving providers more complete information for taking action at the point of care.
  • Free interoperability: We announced free interoperability with any hospital system utilizing IHE standards for on-demand and real-time exchange of CDA data.
  • Acute care: A solution for the acute care market will be available by the end of 2016.

Focusing on our customers and continued innovation keeps the company growing. The number of patients’ records managed by eClinicalWorks worldwide exceeds 220 million, and to-date more than four million communications have been sent via Join the Network. We are especially proud of this statistic because this free, P2P network ensures healthcare providers can connect with each other for improved patient care regardless of what EHR system is in use or if the practice is using paper records.


We cannot stress how privileged we are at eClinicalWorks to work with such great customers, and we owe a tremendous amount of our success in 2015 to each and every one of them. Building on this momentum and remaining focused on improving healthcare together with our clients, promises to bring a bright 2016. 


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