healow Announces Internet of Things Integration

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Patient Engagement Platform Integrates Third-party Hardware Platforms, Including Home Monitoring Devices and Fitness Trackers, with Patient Medical Records



WESTBOROUGH, Mass.—October 16, 2015—healow® (Health and Online Wellness), a subsidiary of eClinicalWorks focused on enhancing and expanding patient engagement, today announces the healow Internet of Things (IoT) cloud. This allows third party hardware platforms and applications to collect, store and analyze patient shared data through a healow IoT API, giving providers more complete information for taking action at the point of care. To date, 45 million people have access to their records through healow.


IoT is a recent concept that is finding quick adoption across multiple industries. In the healthcare industry, according to IDC Health Insights, 35.1% of healthcare organizations already have IoT initiatives in either in pilot or in production stages[1]. The advent of healow IoT cloud allows patients to seamlessly access and work with data from various sources, including from several home monitoring and wearable devices. Both patients and their medical providers will benefit from analytics and dashboards, delivering insights into the information. Data gained from these devices will integrate with healthcare providers’ current systems, including electronic health records (EHRs), to encourage clinical actions. Patients can also receive communications from medical providers via app notifications, text, voice and email.


“As medical providers, it is imperative that we have the most complete view possible of our patients’ health,” said Dr. David Weinstock of Grove Medical Associates. “The more reliable devices are meaningfully incorporated into the patient record, the greater the positive impact we will see in the health of our patients. We have already experienced evidence of this at our practice.”


According to a recent survey[2], commissioned by eClinicalWorks and conducted online by Harris Poll, 78% of those using wearable devices/fitness trackers more than once a month feel it useful for their doctors to have access to that information. healow has created key partnerships and connections with:

  • Fitbit
  • Glooko
  • Google Fit
  • iHealth
  • Jawbone
  • Moves
  • Raiing (iThermonitor)
  • Telcare
  • Withings


“iHealth is proud to be partnered with eClinicalWorks and the healow initiative which will ultimately bring about a shift in the way in which patients are able to interact with their care providers and more effectively manage their own health,” said Steve Monnier, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for iHealth Labs Inc. “It is exciting and rewarding to see our shared vision for healthcare and home wellness using iHealth devices as well as those from other manufacturers take shape and become a reality.”


“With connected health objects, such as weight scales, activity trackers and blood pressure monitors, and the integration with EHR systems, individuals can be treated earlier. This also allows an easier adoption of preventative behaviors,” said Cédric Hutchings, CEO and co-founder of Withings.


“Engaged patients make better and more informed decisions about their health,” said Girish Navani, CEO and co-founder of eClinicalWorks. “The healow patient engagement platform has received tremendously positive response and rapid use. We currently have 45 million people using healow patient engagement tools and more than 10,000 consumers are downloading the healow app per day, bringing together cutting-edge technology and a trusted source of health information – the medical provider.”


Companies interested in joining the healow IoT Cloud should visit http://bit.ly/1PqmTah.


About healow

healow® (Health and Online Wellness) has been established to further enhance and expand patient engagement, with more than 45 million people currently having access to their records through healow. The product suite includes telehealth, a patient check-in kiosk, online appointment booking, mobile applications, wearable and home monitoring integrations, enterprise and employer health solutions, as well as tools for aiding practices in managing their reputation online. Patients directly manage their own and family health records with two-way communication between providers and patients being facilitated for aspects of care, including important reminders, improving the overall healthcare experience. For more information, please visit www.healow.com.


[1] Source: 2015 Vertical IT & Communications Survey, IDC, February, 2015

[2] This survey was conducted online within the United States by Harris Poll on behalf of eClinicalWorks from March 12-16, 2015 among 2,033 adults ages 18 and older. This online survey is not based on a probability sample and therefore no estimate of theoretical sampling error can be calculated.