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  • 28 October 2021
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Why the Healthcare Kiosk Still Matters Today



The impact of Kiosk technology in healthcare

Although there are now ways for patients to check in before walking in to a healthcare facility, the kiosk still plays a large role in healthcare. A recent study that looked at 28,636 kiosk-based patient encounters found that check-in time decreased, daily gross and individual point of sale returns increased, and that more satisfaction surveys were completed by patients.

As we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic and more people return to in-person medical encounters, finding ways to cut the time patients spend checking in is critical to a smooth and satisfactory patient experience.

Dr. Blake Lesselroth et al. have described the potential benefits of kiosks in a healthcare setting in a realistic but hopeful light. They explain that

“In circumstances where the time pressures of the ambulatory setting demand novel strategies to engage patients, kiosks offer the dual promise of improved efficiency and patient-centric care.”

EHR meets Kiosk

Patient Engagement should be a critical component of a healthcare facility’s growth and strategy. A healthcare IT partner should also provide their customers with Patient Engagement solutions that can help practices better understand and interact with their patients.

With eClinicalWorks Kiosk technology, check-in is fast, efficient, and secure, offering convenience to patients and freeing front-office staff for other tasks.

With Kiosk, patients can:

  • Update their demographic information
  • Sign consent forms electronically
  • Fill out customizable forms and questionnaires
  • Make payments by using credit or debit cards
  • Scan their driver’s license or insurance cards

Kiosk in action

Dr. Mario Cruz, the Medical Director for Pediatrics at Philadelphia FIGHT Community Health Centers, has used the eClinicalWorks® Kiosk to transform the check-in process at the practice.

“We’ve had some very good success with Kiosk. We are a Federally Qualified Health Center, so we have more requirements than private practices. We transformed a 40-minute check-in process for new patients into a 15-minute process. This reduction in waiting room time has allowed us to be more flexible with patients. It has also allowed us to start our day earlier and see more patients in a session.”

Click here to learn more about the eClinicalWorks solutions that can further engage your patients.

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