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  • 7 September 2021
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Preparing for the 2021 Virtual National Conference



Five tips for deriving the most value from eCWNC21

Just a month from now, on October 7 and 8, the 2021 eClinicalWorks and healow National Conference will be coming to a computer screen near you. Attendees will enjoy a Keynote Address, Product Showcase, and 60 breakout sessions focusing on the latest healthcare IT products and services we have to offer.

But while this year’s conference takes place on a Thursday and Friday, we want you to treat it as if it were being held at the start of the workweek. We’re not wishing another Monday on you, but a successful virtual conference depends upon approaching the experience much as you would if you were attending in person.

Here are five tips for making the most of eCWNC21:

1. Set aside the date and time, along with a quiet place

A virtual conference is very convenient given that you can attend sessions from home or the office. But it’s important to respect the experience. Attendees will derive the most value by focusing on the conference and avoiding all distractions.

Resist the temptation to check in with colleagues or patients. Dedicate these two days to learning. Make sure you have the equipment you need, sufficient bandwidth, and a quiet place where no one can interrupt you.

2. Dress as you would on a Monday morning

Anyone who has worked from home knows dress codes can slide. Why bother with a dress shirt? What’s wrong with sweatpants, anyway? After all, you’re not on camera.

We suggest dressing as you would for any professional development activity — professionally. If your practice has a dress code, stick to it. Otherwise, dress as you would for any day at the office. That extra effort helps focus the mind on the serious business of the day.

3. Know what you don’t know — but would like to!

Both days of the conference are full of learning opportunities. eCWNC21 is an opportunity for your practice to answer those nagging questions and clear away obstacles between you and smoother workflows.

Don’t wait any longer! Visit the conference website today to see what sessions are available and what eCWCentral has to offer. Confer with colleagues to compile a list of what you (and they) would like to learn during the two days of the conference.

4. Take your breaks — you’ve earned them

Among the lessons of the coronavirus pandemic: Online meetings can be as exhausting as those held in person — and they’re much harder on the eyes. Yes, they can be efficient and save time, but no one has unlimited patience or energy.

eCWNC21 has built-in breaks for a reason. They are your chance to walk around, stretch your legs, grab some food, or rest and reflect on what you have heard and seen. Don’t skip them.

5. Keep notes and share them

Recordings of the breakout sessions from the 2021 virtual National Conference will be made available to attendees soon after the conference. But you should still take notes during sessions.

Perhaps it’s a phrase, an image, or a single word that inspires you. The best way to capture that moment is during the moment itself. And you’ll save time by not having to watch hours of video later on to recall what you found so memorable.

If you’re an eClinicalWorks customer and haven’t already registered for the 2021 virtual National Conference, click here to do so today!


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