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  • 16 October 2019
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#eCWNC19 Is Almost Here!



Making real connections in a digitized world

We live in a digitized, globalized world driven by phones, apps, email, and who-knows-what technologies to come. Yet, as over 5,000 people gather in Orlando for Friday’s opening of the 2019 eClinicalWorks and healow National Conference, every one of us is excited to meet old friends, share our experiences, and make new connections — in person.

Why? Because #eCWNC19 is about making the personal connections that can be hard to forge in our fast-paced world.

Start with knowledge

The opportunities for knowledge and understanding begin the moment you arrive in Orlando and mix with fellow healthcare professionals and eClinicalWorks experts.

We formally kick things off with Friday’s Keynote Address and Product Showcase and follow up with 115+ breakout sessions, podcasts, roundtables, receptions, and training opportunities.

Orlando will deliver the inside information and inspiration that can transform your practice. Because our customers cover the full spectrum of healthcare, we offer cloud-based and customizable solutions for every circumstance, meeting needs that differ in subtle but crucial ways.


Download the App, have a strategy!

Conference veterans may have fine-tuned their strategies for deriving maximum value from their time in Florida, while first-time attendees may be unsure where to turn first. Whatever your case, here are some tips for #eCWNC19.

  • Download the eClinicalWorks Events App from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store. As long as you have your smartphone, the app offers access to the latest Conference information, maps, meals, and your personalized schedule.
  • Have a strategy. Study the schedule, identify the sessions of most value to your practice, and develop a plan for taking in as many as possible.
  • Go outside your comfort zone. The most successful medical practices — and businesses —are those who take on new challenges, including those that seem daunting or unachievable at first. Remember, eClinicalWorks experts — and your fellow professionals — are here to help you succeed!
  • Finally, once you’ve checked your eClinicalWorks Events App, put away your phone. You didn’t come to Orlando to check your email. You’re here to learn new things, meet interesting people, and ask our experts those questions that keep coming up.


Be open to something new

Trust us, there’s no lack of connectivity or technology at our National Conference. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to stay connected with day-to-day concerns at your practice.

However, the key to success in Orlando is to be open to something new. Strike up a conversation with a stranger. Don’t be afraid to ask that question — others probably have the same concern. And don’t miss Friday’s Welcome Reception or the Saturday Night Celebration — both full of smart, interesting people eager to share their knowledge and experiences.

Don’t miss out on those chance encounters that could change how you practice medicine forever!


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