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  • 24 October 2016
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If the Cubs Could Do It…


It’s push time. The final day of an exhilarating and packed conference. By now, those lasting impressions of Saturday’s Sunset Celebration have blended with all you’ve heard about billing, interoperability, Population Health, and Patient Engagement. To be honest, you’re not sure how much more you can absorb, or exactly how you’ll put all this new knowledge to use once you get back to the office.

Maybe you should have attended one more breakout session, gotten a bit of Hands-On Training, or connected with one more exhibitor. Maybe instead you just enjoyed that 75-degree, postcard-ready Orlando weather and chatted with other convention-goers.

Rest easy, #eCW16. Whatever you did, you chose well. What matters most about the eClinicalWorks National Conference is the inspiration you take away.

Most medical professionals imagine solutions for their challenges, but sometimes crafting solutions can seem daunting. Our National Convention is a compelling argument that solutions can be found.

And guess what? If you need a bit more advice and assistance, you still have this morning to make your final rounds at eCWCentral and the Support and Training room.


The National Conference won’t remove all the obstacles your practice faces, but it will equip you with the innovation and interaction you need to tackle them successfully. Look at it this way: If the Cubs can win the pennant, almost anything can happen!


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