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  • 21 September 2021
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A Better Front Office Could Be Just Minutes Away


blog-headline-reinventing-front-office-tools-1200x600-web How healow can help with post-pandemic workflows

You need only a few minutes to read this blog, but there are even faster ways to transform your front office. We’d love for you to keep reading, but you could just give us a call right now.

Why? Because in just a few minutes, our product experts can explain how integrated solutions from eClinicalWorks® and healow® can dramatically improve Patient Engagement while reducing burdens on your front office staff.

If your current EHR isn’t up to the challenges of COVID-19, eClinicalWorks can show you a comprehensive, fully integrated product to transform every aspect of your practice.

If you’re already an eClinicalWorks customer, consider registering for our upcoming 2021 healow and eClinicalWorks virtual National Conference, being held Oct. 7-8. It’s free for all customers.

Connecting with patients — faster and better

Here are just a few of the things we offer that could help you reinvent your front office:

  • healow Open Access® lets patients request or book appointments online, anytime and from any device. That means fewer phone calls for your staff and more time for them to work directly with patients.
  • healow CHECK-IN handles the previsit work your front office used to manage by handing papers and clipboards to patients. We can’t make insurance updates and copayments go away, but we can put them online and let patients check in remotely.
  • healow Pay replaces the time-consuming and error-prone process of printing, addressing, and mailing statements — and then waiting for payments to come in. healow Pay automatically generates and sends statements, which can mean faster collections and better financial performance.

Listen and observe first, then diagnose

If you’re still reading — and perhaps still not convinced — think of it this way: One of the first tasks any physician faces when faced with an ailing patient is to make a diagnosis. That requires careful questioning and being a good listener.

That’s exactly what eClinicalWorks and healow product experts have been doing since our founding in 1999. Over the years, we have spoken with countless clients to understand the challenges they face and diagnose what’s ailing their workflows. The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated just how critical those listening skills can be.

Beginning in March 2020, most practices had to close for days, weeks, or even longer, until the scope and nature of the threat could be assessed. Patients stayed away. Staff were sent home. Many were nervous about returning. Some still are.

After nearly 18 months of lockdowns, masks, social distancing, and now vaccines, practices nationwide are learning to cope with coronavirus. But for many, office routines are anything but routine. Backlogs are common. Revenues still lag. Staffing is thin.

What hasn’t changed? The commitment eClinicalWorks and healow maintain to each and every one of our customers.

A better way forward

Whether your practice has struggled a little or a lot with the pandemic — and regardless of your size, location, or specialty — we can show you a more efficient path to the future of healthcare.

Why keep hunting for new hires who may not be available? Why pay for a slew of third-party solutions that might not deliver the value you seek? Why not trust the Patient Engagement solutions from the company you already know and trust — all of which have passed the “stress test” of a pandemic and are ready to help you meet the realities of a post-pandemic era?

We can’t end the COVID-19 crisis with our software. But we can help your practice with whatever comes next.

Click here to learn more.

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