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  • 19 December 2023
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Looking Back: Five Key Success Stories from 2023


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number 1 inside a white key icon on a blue background healow Insights Closes Gaps in Care

Florida-based Shield Medical Group (SMG) had a “gaps in care” issue. It was getting patient and provider information from disparate sources. The reliance on paper and fax-based processes was less than ideal. SMG recognized the need to make a change to a digital solution to improve efficiency.

healow® Insights® was that solution. Now, SMG obtains precise gap information regarding patient needs, allowing them to adjust and integrate requirements into their workflow. This approach helps fulfill patient needs, close gaps in care, and improve communication of information back to payers.

“healow Insights offers the tools we need to get real-time data from hospitals, emergency rooms, and other consultants so that we can make the right decisions.”

–Kulmeet Kundias, MD, Shield Medical Group

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number 2 inside a white key icon on a blue background healow Open Access Gives New Practice a Big Opening

New Jersey-based Seashore MD was now open for business. Unfortunately, their website wasn’t finished. Seashore needed a solution to schedule appointments without a complete online presence.

They turned to healow® Open Access®, a user-friendly and flexible system that allows patients to self-schedule appointments. Dr. Smolinsky (Seashore MD owner) put the healow Open Access link on her social media account to communicate with current patients and attract new ones to her new practice.

Within Seashore’s first month, 400 patients scheduled appointments, with more than 90% using the healow Open Access link.

“Our website was not completed. We used the healow Open Access link to schedule appointments and start filling the schedule. It was quite impressive how many people used the link and were able to schedule their appointment.”

–Adi Smolinksy MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Seashore MD

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number 3 inside a white key icon on a blue background PRISMA Helps Pediatric Clinic Find Medical Records and Improve Patient Care

Bright Future Pediatrics (BFP) of Oklahoma was struggling with incomplete medical histories for foster care patients. The children had difficulty communicating their needs, and the foster parents didn’t know where the children had received care. BFP needed a solution that would allow them to access the necessary medical records to improve the continuity of care.

That solution was PRISMA, a health information search engine that finds patient records from Epic, Cerner, Meditech, and other EHRs to create searchable, timeline views of patient health histories. BFP was able to obtain records for patients with limited information and severe mental illness from different hospitals. This led to improved continuity of service and improved patient care.

“A lot of our population at our clinic is in foster care transitioning around, and that’s important to make sure that medical history gets moved over to us so we can provide good quality care.”

–Jessica Dryer, Practice Manager, Bright Futures Pediatrics

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number 4 inside a white key icon on a blue background eCW Cloud Provides Anytime Anywhere Access for Health Center

Hyndman Area Health Center (HAHC) had issues with electronic health records. An old-fashioned, bogged down, self-hosted server, combined with explosive growth, led to problems with software, third-party vendors, and inefficient IT capabilities. HAHC needed a solution that would modernize processes and enhance efficiency.

That solution was the eClinicalWorks® Cloud powered by Microsoft® Azure®. The cloud provides HAHC with the anytime, anywhere access to health records for the enhanced efficiency it was looking for. It also simplified disaster recovery, streamlined software updates, and added performance monitoring. HAHC is set up to provide better patient care and to grow with a scalable system.

Check the video for more details.


number 5 inside a white key icon on a blue background Pediatric Clinic Uses Analytics to Maintain PCMH Certification

Children First Pediatrics (CFP) has been meeting the challenge of keeping its PCMH certification since 2016. This success is achieved by working with the eClinicalWorks® (eCW) PCMH Analytics Team. eCW helps CFP streamline processes, workflows, and HEDIS® measures.

Remote access to the HEDIS dashboard has been a game-changer. It allows the practice to evaluate processes and make improvements on a regular basis. It will enable the practice to drill down to view gaps in care more efficiently and automate processes to achieve their Value-Based Goals. It allows for communication with the patient to remind them to schedule appointments if they’re due for one. And it provides significant time savings for staff.

Check the video for more details.


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HEDIS® is a registered trademark of the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA)

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