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  • 27 December 2023
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eClinicalWorks 2023 Year in Review


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It was a strong year for us. What say we take a few quick moments to look back at some of our big accomplishments over that past year to step up our healthcare IT solutions for better healthcare outcomes.

We Added the Power of AI to the EHR

We teased it for months. We dropped it at our National Conference in Nashville. We integrated ChatGPT and Generative AI with the EMR and Practice Management system to bring responsible AI into healthcare with the industry’s first conversational EHR. It’s a language-based UI for users, streamlining various aspects of your workflow.

We Said “No” to “No-Shows”

Our healow® AI-Powered No-Show Prediction Model was huge for providers. It helps reduce no-show rates, which leads to improved patient care and increased revenue. AI-powered machine learning can interpret scheduling data to help identify patients with a high probability of missing their appointments. With that knowledge, you can implement strategies to improve schedule utilization to get more of those “no-shows” to show up and fill open slots due to last-minute cancellations or reschedules. If you can reduce just two “no-shows” a day, you can increase your revenue by as much as $50,000 (per) year and provide care to over 500 patients who otherwise might have just missed their appointments.

We Talked. AI Listened and Transcribed.

We kept this one secret. We kicked it off at the Keynote at our National Conference. It’s an AI-powered ambient listening technology that translates natural language conversations between doctors and patients and turns the dialogue into clinical documentation. This unique and immersive experience makes the documentation of clinical notes faster and more efficient. With clinical notetaking taken care of, you can spend less time clicking computer keys and more time engaging and providing exceptional care. Grey image that has logo and the text: a revolutionary AI-powered ambient listening technology for clinical documentation

You Talked. We Listened and Innovated.

A big part of what we do to improve our products and solutions is you. Your feedback informs our decisions and drives our innovation. Through interviews and surveys, we discovered a couple of areas that, in terms of frustration, rose to the top of the “can we fix this” list.

One issue was that managing your fax inbox was a pain because it ties up valuable staff in mind-numbing tasks of manually matching patients and clicking robotically to assign the faxes to the correct people and folders. We reached into our bag of tricks for a solution. That solution is Image AI, which saves you time and resources by managing inbound faxes, matching documents to patients and interpreting the content of the fax and then properly assigning the document to the correct person and correct folder.

Another painful issue was task repetition. Again, we brought the power of AI to bear in search of a solution. We developed AI with Robotic Process Automation through Automated Playlists to reduce the time spent on repetitive, manual tasks, making practices more efficient.

We Made Things Better Across the Board

We introduced our latest iteration of V12. It’s loaded with updates and upgrades that make workflows better for everybody. It’s faster. It’s easier to use. It does more with fewer clicks. It relieves you from mundane and repetitive tasks through automation. There are efficiency improvements throughout the EMR. All positions along the line from Front to Mid- to Back Office will benefit from these enhancements.

Blue and orange image that reads: v12 eClinicalWorks

Let’s Get Ready for More

We’re not done. We’re never done. As strong as 2023 was, we’re looking to make 2024 even stronger. Through AI integration, we aim to help improve efficiency in healthcare practices by 20%. When it comes to improving healthcare, everything is on the table. Whatever we can do to make things better, easier, faster, and more efficient so that practices can operate at the highest levels and providers can spend more time with patients, that’s what we’re going to do. With your help, we can improve healthcare together.

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