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  • 10 January 2024
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Enhancing Primary Care with eClinicalTouch 4


Image of David Uptagrafft Director of Healthcare Experience at Innova Primary Care holding a microphone. Text on screen reads: Enhancing Patient Care with eClinicalTouch 4 with the 2023 eClinicalWorks National Conference logo

Portable. Scalable. Cost-Effective. eClinicalTouch 4 on the iPad® helps you take great strides in providing quality patient care.

eClinicalTouch® 4 on an iPad® or iPhone® puts you on the leading edge of healthcare innovation. It’s convenient, functional, portable, and cost-effective. This cloud-based application provides access to patient records, diagnostic tools, and data analytics that help you raise the bar on patient care.

At our 2023 National Conference in Nashville, Innova Primary Care CIO and Director of Healthcare Experience David Uptagrafft shared how his practice takes advantage of the eClinicalTouch capabilities.

Scalable and Cost-Effective

Innova is always looking for the next technology that will help support their practice. eClinicalWorks® (eCW) ticks all the boxes. eClinicalTouch on iPad is a scalable, sustainable, affordable approach. When expanding to multiple locations, it’s cheaper and easier to outfit key personnel with an iPad. They’re more portable than laptops for when staff needs to walk to the lobby or the patient rooms. iPads are less expensive than laptops, so upfront costs are lower. Maintenance and program updates are cheaper, so IT costs are lower.

Kiosk Check-In Backup

95% of the time, Innova patients will check in at the kiosk. But sometimes there’s a glitch in the matrix. In the event that a patient is having difficulty with the kiosk check-in, the guest receptionist can come to the rescue. eClinicalTouch has all the necessary components to complete the check-in, and carrying the iPad around is much easier than carrying the laptop.

A Personalized Triage Process

eClinicalTouch allows Innova to provide more personal, discreet care. When it’s time to get the patient, they no longer shout a name across the waiting room. The patient’s picture is on the iPad. Staff can walk up and greet the patient in person. They know who’s checked in. They no longer have to navigate into the hub as you do with the traditional interface.

Staff can then take care of all the triage requirements – blood pressure, chief complaints – and document it all on the iPad. They can also import the information from the check-in kiosk. That seamless integration streamlines the process. All that data gets updated in the Progress Note.

Then, once the provider has completed the visit, a staff member returns – with eClinicalTouch on iPad – to finish up with the checkout process and to schedule the next appointment.


eClinicalTouch 4 is a powerful, secure, convenient innovation that gives you the gifts of eCW anytime and anywhere you need it. To learn how to get eClinicalTouch 4 for your practice, schedule a demo today.

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