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  • 15 February 2024
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AI Medical Scribes in Remote Healthcare Services


mother and daughter on a telemedicine visit with female provider on the laptop using medical AI scribe to document the visit

The global pandemic put a spotlight on the importance of telemedicine in healthcare. It has brought healthcare services to the comfort and safety of people’s homes while offering quality care.

Proper documentation is the backbone of effective healthcare delivery. It ensures continuity and quality of care, allowing healthcare professionals to track a patient’s health journey. As telemedicine grows, the sheer volume of patient interactions can make maintaining that documentation an uphill battle.

Given the digital nature of telemedicine, maintaining documentation can become overwhelming for healthcare providers who already have their hands full.


The AI Medical Scribe Solution: Changing the Game

This is where the AI medical scribe enters the conversation. This innovative dictation scribe designed specifically for healthcare providers eases the burden of documentation by taking notes for them. In real time, the AI medical scribe listens to the patient-provider conversation during the telehealth visit, transcribes the conversation, and seamlessly integrates the data into the patient’s record in the Electronic Health Record (EHR).

This ensures that every detail from the conversation is captured and stored systematically without extra effort from the healthcare provider. Relieved of the note-taking burden, providers can focus where it’s needed most – on their patients. is an AI medical scribe that uses intelligent voice recognition technology and natural language processing tools to transcribe patient-provider conversations into clinical documentation. It’s a conversational AI that offers a unique and immersive experience for doctors and patients, making the documentation of clinical notes faster and more efficient.

eClinicalWorks® (eCW) recently integrated with to provide a seamless documentation experience to our customers, along with a series of cutting-edge transformative AI functionalities. is available to eCW practices on multiple devices, including eClinicalMobile® and eClinicalTouch® apps.

AI medical scribes in telemedicine can:

  • Instantly transcribe patient-provider conversations
  • Allow healthcare providers to focus more on the patient rather than on taking notes
  • Save time for clinicians during telemedicine services
  • Improve efficiency


Advantages of AI Medical Scribes in Remote Healthcare Services

Focused Care

With an AI medical scribe, providers don’t need to split their attention between the patient and taking notes. Instead, they can focus exclusively on the patient and care, making diagnoses and developing treatment plans while the AI medical scribe takes notes.

Better-Informed Decisions

AI medical scribes capture the relevant information discussed during the telemedicine visit, including the patient’s medical history, symptoms, and treatment recommendations. This ensures that everything is documented and that the providers are armed with the information they need to make intelligent decisions about patient care.

Increased Productivity

AI medical scribes alleviate the burden of taking notes. This allows providers to see more patients in less time, leading to a more efficient and streamlined medical visit process.

Enhanced Patient Experience

With an AI scribe, patients can receive more personalized and focused care. With note-taking no longer a part of the one-on-one process, providers can spend more time focused on their patients, leading to better patient experiences and outcomes.

AI medical scribes offer significant benefits for telemedicine and remote healthcare services, from more efficient documentation and improved provider productivity to better-informed decisions and an improved patient experience. As telemedicine grows in popularity, AI medical scribes will become a valuable tool for healthcare providers looking to deliver high-quality care to their patients.


For more information on how an AI medical scribe can boost your telemedicine and remote healthcare services, visit

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