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  • 26 April 2024
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Scaling Your Practice for Success


scaling up your practice

Imagine that you are a small medical practice with a handful of providers and staff serving thousands of patients. You studied the market and identified a growing need for the services you offer. You chose a great location. You selected eClinicalWorks® and healow® for documentation, practice management, and patient engagement.

Your first priority is serving current patients, but you know that long-term success will require growth and scaling up your practice. Soon, you will face the challenge of attracting more patients. Will you have the personnel and tools necessary to serve them? How will you solve the scalability puzzle?

A good option — and a better one

You could take the slow and steady route: Be patient, serve your existing patients well, and trust that as your reputation and resources grow, you’ll be able to add staff and patients.

That may work, but there’s a better and faster way to achieve scalability. eClinicalWorks and healow offer dozens of innovative solutions. Any one of them can expand efficiency and capacity to some degree, but the combined effect of implementing multiple solutions can truly transform your practice.

When done correctly, scaling up a practice will mean that when new staff are required, the practice is ready to support them with new revenue generated by their healthcare IT solutions.

Employing the ‘Atomic Habits’ model

But where to begin? Most practices are so busy with day-to-day tasks that the thought of implementing anything new can seem overwhelming.

Well, why not try the 1 percent approach?

James Clear’s 2018 bestseller Atomic Habits offers a simple, powerful illustration of how the smallest improvements can lead to huge gains over time.

Clear notes that a 1 percent improvement in performance on a given task each day may not seem like much. It may, in fact, go unnoticed.

But what if you realize a 1 percent improvement every day? The math is clear: At the end of one year, your practice would have realized an astounding 37 percent overall improvement.

Small improvements yield big results in healthcare IT

Clear outlines how improvements in productivity, knowledge, and relationships can be achieved and compounded by a commitment to slow, steady improvements.

That approach works in healthcare IT, as well.

Some of the eClinicalWorks and healow solutions that can help with scalability include:

  • Automating routine front-office tasks with our remote, electronic solution healow CHECK-IN™ — which can free up many additional hours each week for staff to focus on other tasks.
  • Using eClinicalMessenger® campaigns can greatly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your outreach, helping ensure that patients who are overdue for routine screenings or at risk for adverse health events get the timely attention and intervention they need.
  • In a society that has rapidly adapted itself to remote work, using healow TeleVisits™ for routine and follow-up care offers patients and providers greater convenience, while saving time and energy for everyone.

Leaning on your healthcare IT partner

To be sure, most medical practices can’t afford to stop all other operations to focus on just one area of performance, even if they are only seeking to make incremental improvements. And some may not even have the time to analyze where to start.

Once again, eClinicalWorks and healow have you covered. All it really takes is a single phone call to your Strategic Account Manager (SAM). They can help you identify your needs and connect you with the right eClinicalWorks and healow experts to get started on the road to those small, daily improvements that can lead to dramatic changes over time, helping enhance scalability.

The solutions listed above are just a few of the dozens we offer to our clients. And it’s important to note that eClinicalWorks and healow are now leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to make those solutions more powerful and precise than ever.

In each area of medical practice, we’re employing AI solutions that can help practices control costs and increase efficiency without having to add staff.

  • eClinicalWorks integrates with, an ambient listening technology that listens to natural language conversations between providers and patients and creates a draft Progress Note, saving providers up to two hours per day in documentation time.
  • Our AI Assistant can help streamline your daily workflows, while Image AI simplifies fax inbox management.
  • Our Robotic Process Automation bots offer practices automated Playlists for easy, multi-screen navigation as well as improving the efficiency of Revenue Cycle Management.
  • The healow® No-Show AI Prediction Model helps predict which appointments are likely to be missed. This helps practices keep schedules full — and realizing on average an additional $50,000 in revenue annually.


Taking it one step at a time, starting with a phone call

Few solutions will, by themselves, make a dramatic improvement in your practice. But as the word scalability suggests, growing your practice isn’t about making dramatic leaps. It’s about taking small, manageable steps each day and each week.

Let us help you take those steps. Reach out to your SAM today or visit for the latest we have to offer. And if you just can’t wait to get started with a specific solution, visit our Customer Portal at and open a case.

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