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  • 17 August 2021
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In a World of Apps, healow Delivers What Patients Most Want


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healow puts the smart in smartphones — 12.4 million times

When it comes to managing your healthcare with an online app, healow® doesn’t want your full attention. In fact, 5% will do just fine.

That’s because, according to Statista, mobile phone users have an average of only 20 apps downloaded on their devices. If just one of those 20 apps is from healow, we’re confident that we have changed that person’s world for the better.

We’re confident because in a world inundated with healthcare apps — 200 new ones daily according to this January 2021 report — healow delivers value others cannot match.

Most apps can’t deliver key functions

The vast majority of healthcare apps simply don’t do the things patients most want and need them to do.

A report from Accenture found that hospitals were engaging only 2% of their patients with mobile health apps. And only 11% of those hospitals offered an app that did even one of the three core functions patients demand — access to their medical records, appointment booking and management, and the ability to request prescription refills electronically.

healow apps cover the basics and far more

The healow family of apps, by contrast, covers all those core functions and many more. That’s why more than 12.4 million people already use the healow base app and/or the healow Kids® and healow Mom® apps.

  • The healow app gives patients anytime/anywhere access to medical visit summaries, health records, lab results, and medical education. Users can request and/or book appointments and receive reminders. They can view all their medical records, including lab results. They can exchange messages with their caregivers, receive medical education materials, and request prescription refills with a simple click. They can even pay their medical bills with ease and complete security.
  • More than 1 million patients also use the healow app to integrate results from health trackers and monitors. Physicians can track overall activity, blood pressure, blood glucose levels, body mass index, and more, helping alert them to changes that could indicate an impending medical emergency.
  • With the healow Mom app, moms-to-be know what to expect throughout their pregnancy. They can make and track appointments, monitor blood pressure, keep a journal, count baby kicks, and even prepare labor and birth announcements. And practices benefit from the app because it helps reduce phone calls and no-shows.
  • The healow Kids app gives parents tools to monitor their children’s growth and development from birth to age 13. From toilet training to immunizations and growth milestones, healow makes life just a bit easier for today’s busy parents.

The perfect tool for safe, convenient visits

There’s one more thing you need to know about the healow app: It’s a convenient and secure way to conduct a telehealth appointment right on a smartphone.

The app integrates seamlessly with healow TeleVisits to allow providers and patients to conduct video visits that save everyone the time, expense, and trouble of getting to the office — all the more important as practices continue to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

So far in 2021, more than 200,000 telehealth visits have taken place through the healow app.

Got a minute to learn more? Check out the video below that recaps what the healow apps can do!


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