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  • 31 July 2019
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How to Improve the Patient Experience: Establishing a Strong Online Presence



To thrive in today’s healthcare environment, a strong online presence is vital for quality patient care.

A recent survey conducted by Healthcare Dive found that 80% of respondents had conducted a health-related online search in the past year. And, 60% of the respondents admitted they would forgo an appointment, even after being referred, if the provider has poor quality reviews.

This shift in consumer behavior requires healthcare organizations to deliver a comprehensive digital experience. While doctors need to remain focused on meeting the challenges and opportunities of value-based care, they must also dedicate resources to building a strong online presence. To provide the services that today’s busy patients expect, it is critical that providers use online portals and telemedicine solutions to provide convenient access to healthcare services and records.

To achieve that requires providers have a deep understanding of how the various elements of their practice interact. For example, how accessible and user-friendly is the practice’s website? Is online appointment booking offered? Do patients enjoy 24/7 access to their medical records? Is the practice offering a patient portal that allows for easy, two-way communication, including messages and patient education?

A successful strategy for improving the patient experience requires:

  • Empowering patients to be actively engaged with an organization’s online resources
  • Establishing a trusting relationship between providers and patients
  • Ensuring patients have easy and comprehensive access to the practice’s resource

Carson Medical Group, a multi-specialty medical practice, conducted an internal audit, and recognized the need to adopt new technologies to streamline workflows and improve the quality of care. By utilizing online Patient Engagement tools, such as the Patient Portal, the practice saw steady increases in patients adopting their technologies, which in turn meant immediate improvements in the delivery of care.

The foundation of a successful medical practice is patient access. With a strong online presence, the patient’s journey can be transformed from a routine transaction into an experience that leaves each patient feeling that they are a full partner in managing their health.


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