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  • 16 January 2024
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7 Patient Engagement Solutions to Help Patients and Practices in 2024


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Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen a dramatic shift in how patients interact with technology and take control of their health during a global pandemic.

Making lives easier for patients with convenient and time-saving healthcare IT solutions can also help free up time for front-office staff. Many of these workers have put in extra hours to account for staffing shortages that are plaguing the healthcare industry.

At eClinicalWorks, we’ve developed seven Patient Engagement Solutions that can make a difference to patients and staff right away.

  1. An Online Booking Tool

healow® Open Access® lets patients request or book appointments online, anytime, and from any device. That could mean anything from scheduling a COVID-19 booster shot to setting up an annual wellness visit. An online booking method can also save staff from an avalanche of phone calls throughout the day to better focus on helping their medical organization.

  1. A Convenient Check-In Solution

healow CHECK-IN™ lets patients check in for upcoming appointments from the comfort of their home. During check-in, patients can review their demographics, confirm their insurance coverage, sign consent forms, fill out questionnaires, make payments, and review medications.

Limiting the number of patients who may be contagious from sitting in a waiting room may also help limit the spread of coronavirus or other infectious diseases. For staff, having patients check in for appointments themselves can save time and improve workflows — helping reduce staff burnout.

  1. Secure Appointment Reminders and Access to Lab Results

People are busy. An appointment scheduled a few weeks ago may get lost in the shuffle of other responsibilities. eClinicalMessenger® sends patients automated appointment reminders. Patients can also receive secure access to lab results, prescription notifications, and more.

  1. Telehealth

Although many providers have returned to primarily in-office visits, telehealth can still improve Patient Engagement in 2024. If care can be provided virtually, and a patient is at risk of exposing others to an infectious disease, then it may be an optimal time to use healow TeleVisits™. They can also be used for patients who live far from their healthcare provider or are too busy to get into the physical office for routine care.

Telehealth technology can be helpful for patients with mental health issues. Talking about mental health can be challenging. Meeting with a mental health professional in a private, secure, and comfortable area that the patient is familiar with may reduce no-shows and provide patients with quality care.

  1. A 24/7 Virtual Assistant

healow Chatbot helps you provide the kind of service that your patients have come to expect from other areas in their daily lives. It handles many of your patients’ routine inquiries, from recovering forgotten passwords to accessing records to posing questions. Chatbot is your secure solution, fully integrated with your Electronic Health Record and Practice Management System.

You can customize the look and feel of Chatbot, including the “welcome” message, so that it seamlessly integrates with your site. You can even decide where it will appear on your homepage.

  1. An Easier Way to Complete Patient Paperwork

healow Sign allows you to fill out forms and then send them for patients to sign via text. It’s available in the dropdown menu from the healow Connect icon.

You create a form and then can drag and drop various fields onto the document, providing a space for the patient’s name and signature. You can make any or all fields mandatory, so the form won’t be accepted until the patient completes all fields.

Once the form is ready, text it to the patient’s smartphone with a secure access code. The patient clicks the link, confirms their identity, signs, and returns the form to the practice.

  1. A Better Way to Get Patient Feedback

healow Survey lets you create customized surveys and questionnaires so you can discover how your patients feel about your service, care management, or any other purpose.

First, you create your survey in English. Then, you select from more than a dozen languages – depending on the demographics and targets of your patients – into which to translate the survey.

healow Survey does the rest. It does a real-time translation into each selected language. You can edit the document as you see fit by adding, deleting, or modifying questions until you have what you wish to ask.

Get an in-depth look at the tools we recommend for improving Patient Engagement at your practice. Download our eBook, “Stronger Engagement Throughout the Patient Journey”.

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