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  • 5 June 2019
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3 Ways That Telehealth Is Improving Healthcare


Telehealth provides convenient care for patients and offers healthcare professionals a more efficient and effective way to treat them.

July 1996. It’s 100 degrees Fahrenheit with a broken air conditioner in your car. Work starts in five minutes, and you slam on the breaks two inches away from the rusting Nissan Maxima in front of you. 

You can feel the sweat dripping down your forehead as you reach for the eject button on the tape player and feel an insatiable need to scratch your forearm. You scratch and scratch and turn your arm over. There’s a bumpy red rash running half the length of your arm. You won’t be able to see the doctor until Friday. It looks like poison ivy, but who knows?

Today, the most pressing problem you may have in this situation is finding the best time that works to schedule a TeleVisit with a healthcare professional.

No matter where you are, telemedicine gives you the option to deliver an in-office experience to patients with ease. This works well for common ailments like UTIs, behavioral health consultations, and rashes.

Rainbow Pediatric Center utilized eClinicalWorks’ healow TeleVisits for ADHD patients and their parents to reduce the need to take time off from school and lessen the time needed to travel to the office every three months. Since the implementation of TeleVisits, compliance among ADHD patients is 71%.

Here are some of the benefits that healow TeleVisits can provide for your practice:

  • Deliver an in-office experience with online ease
  • TeleVisits are convenient, secure, and reimbursable
  • eClinicalWorks provides you with expert knowledge and support

Still, with all of the benefits that telemedicine provides, only 17% of the population reports ever using telehealth, even though over two-thirds of patients say they’d be interested in the service.

The disconnect between usage and demand may be related to a lack of awareness.

With the potential for reduced healthcare costs, increased convenience, and improved Patient Engagement, healow TeleVisits continue to pave the way for the future of healthcare. This technology allows organizations to expand healthcare offerings and optimize their capabilities. Reducing the time of itching one’s arm after brushing up against a patch of poison ivy isn’t a bad deal either! 


Rainbow Pediatric Center

Two locations and eight providers

Serving thousands of patients in Jacksonville, FL

Comprehensive pediatric services, including telemedicine




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