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  • 16 May 2020
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What Telehealth Can Do for Specialty Practices



When you think telehealth, do you think cardiology? How about podiatry? As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, specialty providers needed a way to continue caring for their patients. Although telehealth technology isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when someone is thinking about orthopedics, practices of all kinds are utilizing telehealth to shape the future of healthcare.

Many specialty practices have been using healow TeleVisits™ to bring safe and effective care to their patients. Here are a few examples of what makes televisits effective for these specialties and the stories from the medical professionals that are harnessing the power of telehealth to change the way we experience medicine.

The heart of the matter

Many areas of cardiology could be addressed with a televisit. Telehealth allows cardiologists to:

  • Conduct initial consultations with cardiac patients
  • Follow up with patients recovering from recent procedures
  • Provide pre-procedural information and obtain patient consent
  • Manage patients’ medication regimens
  • Monitor high blood pressure and integrate data from patient devices
  • Review lab and screening results

Satheesh Joseph, an interventional cardiologist at Brookhaven Heart PLLC, a nine-provider cardiology practice, has been using healow TeleVisits to keep his business open. The patients appreciate how easy it is to join a televisit through the text message or email link sent from the practice and are happy in how effective televisits are in reducing unnecessary exposure to the virus.

A step in a new direction

healow TeleVisits let providers who specialize in podiatry:

  • Hold initial consultations for foot and ankle injuries and deformities
  • Follow up with patients after surgeries and treatments
  • Discuss home care treatments and therapies with patients
  • Monitor wound care to prevent ER visits and hospital admissions
  • Improve access to care for patients who live far from your office
  • Coordinate care with home health therapists and specialists

Podiatry is just one of the areas of care that takes place at the Krohn Clinic, a 22-provider practice in Black River Falls, Wisconsin. Lonnie Simplot, the Information Systems Manager at the practice, talks about how patients of all ages are enjoying the ease and convenience of a televisit appointment.

The solution with muscle (bones, etc.)

If you’re an orthopedist, healow TeleVisits could let you:

  • Diagnose 80%+ of common orthopedic injuries and conditions
  • Follow up on office procedures and evaluate patients’ range of motion
  • Review results of radiological and imagery tests with patients
  • Review medications and prescribe electronically
  • Reduce risks and inconvenience of travel for patients with limited mobility
  • Instruct and guide patients with physical therapy

Scott Orthopedic Center is a 13-provider practice serving 200-300 patients per day in three locations throughout West Virginia. Stephanie Crum, Clerical Administrator for the practice, and Juanita Dempsey, an administrator for the practice, explain that televisits are a great solution for patients that are unable to travel and are perfect for follow-up care or appointments that don’t require a hands-on approach.

To find out more about what telehealth can do for your specialty practice, contact us today.


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