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  • 3 June 2020
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Expanding the Range of Specialty Care


What might have been commonplace in the past often changes in the present. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, who would have imagined that specialty practices of all kinds would be using telehealth to regularly care for their patients? healow Telehealth Solutions from eClinicalWorks is built for the needs of any and every specialty practice. Here are a few stories from specialty providers who have been using this technology to expand their range of care.

For endocrinologists like Dr. William Biggs from Amarillo Medical Specialists who work with many patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes, telehealth is a reliable way to check up on patients and make sure they’re doing OK.

Dr. Biggs explains that many endocrinology patients that he sees are on insulin pumps or continuous glucose monitors and that televisits have been reassuring both to the patient and provider.

Dr. Peter Alvarez, a physician for Women’s Care Florida, also talks about how useful telehealth has been for OB/GYN patients. He says that being able to display information like a patient’s blood sugar level gathered through the healow® app while conducting a televisit has made providing care easy and effective.

For Meenah Singh, a dermatologist at Kansas Medical Center, telehealth has been a great option for initial check-ups before bringing in a patient for an in-person visit.

Telehealth has also made patients with anxiety feel more comfortable during a visit. Dr. Sean Boileau, the director of behavioral health services at APLA Health, said that since adopting televisits, a patient who had previously taken up to 10 to 15 minutes to start engaging in a therapy session now feels comfortable enough to begin right away.

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