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  • 5 June 2020
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Community Health Improvement Week



Building Community During Difficult Times

It seems that nothing about the year 2020 has been easy. Businesses, families, and individuals have spent a great deal of time and effort in the last three months seeking ways to carry on with work and social life amid the losses and uncertainties brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.

Amid those challenges, it would be easy to overlook an event such as Community Health Improvement Week, which for more than a decade has been observed during the first full week of June.

And yet, as a lead sponsor of the event, the American Hospital Association, notes: “When a community is in crisis, the events affect everyone. It’s at that moment when we most need to come together to heal, change and move forward.”

On the frontlines of building community

The AHA has rightly identified frontline healthcare workers as among the many heroes who are working daily to help their communities endure and recover from the many challenges they currently face.

The AHA maintains a webpage that highlights dozens of positive stories about communities across the nation, including stories about corporate donations to those impacted by COVID-19, food drives to assist the hungry, efforts to coordinate online communications to reduce the risks of disease transmission, and what hospitals are doing to reduce health inequities.

“The AHA’s vision is of a society of healthy communities, where ALL individuals reach their highest potential for health,” stated AHA President and CEO Rick Pollack. “These words guide what we do every day.”

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Saluting the work of our customers

eClinicalWorks shares the vision of bringing quality healthcare to every individual and every community. Each day we are humbled by the extraordinary work that is being done by our customers, clients, and partners. Their dedication, determination, and creativity inspire our employees to continue looking for new ways to use healthcare IT to serve human needs.

Our customers range from rural health centers to urban clinics. We have large provider networks and sole-provider practices. eClinicalWorks customers are in every state, work in every medical specialty, and serve communities across the entire socioeconomic spectrum.

It would be impossible and unfair to single out any one practice for the excellence that so many practice each day, but we are proud to share more than 50 videos highlighting the great work our customers do.

We say thank you to each of them, and to the thousands of other eClinicalWorks customers who work tirelessly each day to improve their communities.


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