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  • 1 June 2020
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Reinventing Your Practice



New thinking for new challenges

The coronavirus pandemic has forced companies of all sizes and types to rethink how they can continue to do business in a world where personal contact is discouraged, and in-person transactions are limited.

At eClinicalWorks, we share that mission, only in a slightly different way. While we have adjusted our own work routines, our primary focus remains devising ways to help our customers sustain their practices by providing them with both new tools and new ways of thinking about how best to implement healthcare IT.

The result is our “Reinventing Your Practice” webinar series. Through July 20, we’re offering four separate one-hour webinars.

Webinars to help any type of practice

On Mondays and Wednesdays, your providers can join these three sessions, which are offered at various times on a rotating schedule:

  • Reinvent Telehealth — Learn about new and upcoming features of healow TeleVisits™ and hello2healow™ (h2h). We’ll demonstrate an optimal medical encounter, how to market telehealth services, and how to handle billing and CMS reimbursements.
  • Reinvent Your Front Office — See how eClinicalWorks’ front-office technology can help your practice handle the realities of the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ll cover scheduling, reminders, and our contactless healow Check-in process, which makes booking and check-in easier and safer for all.
  • Reinvent Patient Care — Explore how to handle the “new normal” of the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn efficient methods for clinical documentation, including on mobile devices, best use of questionnaires, the latest in interoperability, and how to reshape your practice’s infrastructure.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, you can learn more about how to integrate Population Health modules into your practice for offering continuous care to some of your most vulnerable patients:

  • Reinvent Your Practice With CCM & TCM — Understand how healow TeleVisits can be an effective tool when used in conjunction with Population Health programs, including Chronic Care Management (CCM) and Transition Care Management (TCM). Telehealth makes remote visits easier and more effective, facilitating more meaningful patient conversations while tracking the non-face-to-face time needed to qualify for reimbursements. Learn how telehealth works with Population Health to promote better patient tracking and outcomes while billing for services you are already providing.

Remember the lessons of Edison

We recognize the seriousness of the challenges posed by the current pandemic, but we also draw inspiration from the great inventors of the past.

For example, Thomas Edison is said to have tried more than 2,000 potential filaments before he succeeded in creating a cost-effective light bulb that ignited an electrical revolution. And that was just one of the more than 1,000 patents that Edison held during his incredible career.

Reinvention isn’t easy, but it has the advantage of building upon the work of past pioneers. And each of the webinars in our Reinventing Your Practice series follows that model, helping you see how you can rethink, reshape, and reimagine each aspect of your practice using existing products from eClinicalWorks and healow — along with a few new ones! Our webinar series covers everything you need to deliver quality care in a rapidly changing healthcare landscape.

Together, we can solve the challenges of coronavirus and beyond!


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