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  • 1 April 2020
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How First Choice Neurology Transformed Their Practice With Telehealth


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Long before the recent influx of telehealth usage due to the COVID-19 pandemic, physicians at First Choice Neurology had been using healow TeleVisits™ to bring quality care to their patients.

Dr. Jeff Gelblum Sr., Attending Physician at First Choice Neurology, explained that “In this day and age where everybody is so busy, sometimes it can be difficult to schedule a whole afternoon off for a follow-up visit.”

First Choice Neurology is made up of 90 providers and 46 locations throughout Central and Southern Florida and serves more than 1,100 patients daily. TeleVisits make follow-up visits easy for providers.

“When the patient logs on, we’re ready to go. We’re able to take a history of present illness, acquire review of systems, family history, social history, allergies, and vital signs,” said Dr. Gelblum.

Even if the patient may be having difficulty downloading vital signs, they can utilize external technology like a FitBit or Apple Watch to record their vitals, and then the doctor can enter the information manually.

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, providers at First Choice Neurology instantly transformed their practice — converting all follow-up visits to telehealth.

“When the world spun on its axis 180 degrees, we were able to instantly convert all follow-up visits to telehealth. As a result, we’ve instantly accomplished social distancing,” explained Dr. Gelblum.

Providers have seen no deficiencies in care and are still able to share all of the information that they’ve always shared before the health crisis.

Going forward, providers at First Choice Neurology are looking forward to the possibilities of caring for patients via telehealth. Dr. Gelblum is excited about being able to use TeleVisits to care for patients with certain conditions that don’t require a hands-on appointment or a patient that may have limited mobility. Telehealth expands these patients’ access to care.

“TeleVisits are a fundamental transformation, a fundamental pivot point in how we are going to be practicing medicine going forward,” Dr. Gelblum said.

Interested in learning more about telehealth? We can help!

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