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  • 29 June 2020
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The Telehealth Revolution Continues



Now is the time to reinvent your practice

With businesses reopening and clinical trials of potential vaccines under way, there’s hope that the end of the coronavirus pandemic may be within sight. But does bringing COVID-19 under control also mean the end of the telehealth revolution that has seen a surge in remote medical visits over the last three months?

Almost certainly not.

Some medical practices may have hesitated to embrace telehealth, thinking its recent surge would soon fade. Others may have refrained from trying it in the belief that reimbursement rules will go back to their pre-pandemic status.

Telehealth support continues to grow

The telehealth revolution is not only continuing, but appears to be gaining momentum. Doctors, patients, and policymakers are increasingly supportive of making new telehealth procedures and policies a permanent part of medicine.

  • On June 15, a bipartisan group of 30 U.S. senators urged that legal provisions supporting telehealth during the COVID-19 pandemic be made into permanent law.
  • On June 16, an article in U.S. News & World Report suggested that telehealth counseling “may be just the support that people in rural areas need to maintain their weight loss long-term.”
  • On June 24, the Federal Communications Commission approved an additional 77 applications, totaling more than $29.4 million, for providers to obtain broadband connectivity and devices under the CARES Act COVID-19 aid package.

A solution for every kind of practice

But even without these recent developments, there was already plenty of evidence that telehealth is both effective and popular among patients and practices alike — trends amply illustrated by the experiences of dozens of eClinicalWorks customers.

It’s important to note that the practices are putting healow TeleVisits™ to work across every medical specialty, from primary and family care to mental and behavioral health providers, as well as dentists, orthopedists, plastic surgeons, podiatrists, and many others.

Ongoing innovation for our solution

If your practice is still undecided about telehealth, don’t worry about being late to the party. Each week, eClinicalWorks has continued to roll out innovations that are improving our remote visit solutions.

  • We’ve made implementation faster than ever, getting practices up and running with telehealth in just days — and sometimes within 24 hours.
  • We’ve extended the functionality of eClinicalWorks Scribe® to telehealth, allowing providers to dictate Progress Notes following a remote visit.
  • A choice of pricing options means telehealth can meet the budgetary needs of all practices.

Begin your practice’s reinvention today

Practices that want to remain on the leading edge of medical innovation will want to make telehealth an integral part of their healthcare offerings. And there’s no better place to start than with the Reinventing Your Practice webinar series from eClinicalWorks.

Through July 20, we’re offering a series of four, one-hour webinars that look at each stage of the patient’s care experience, from check-in to follow-up, along with how telehealth and Population Health tools can be integrated into daily workflows.

Telehealth and healow Telehealth Solutions from eClinicalWorks are here to stay.

Sign up for our webinar series and start your own practice revolution.


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