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  • 23 January 2024
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Streamlining Workflows and Improving Patient Outcomes with EHR Optimization


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Optimization is a key tactic in ensuring that you’re making the most of what eClinicalWorks® (eCW) V12 has to offer and that you’re making the most efficient use of your time. Orlando Perez, MIS Director at Betances Health Center in New York City, reached out to eCW for optimization training to streamline operations and improve patient care.

The motivation for Betances to invest in optimization was due to provider turnover, which compromised internal processes, standardization, and workflows. A Betances Strategic Account Manager happened to be aware of eCW and what it had to offer.

On behalf of Betances, Perez had an eCW trainer come to the practice. The trainer helped get new providers up to speed on eCW to get their processes and workflows back on track. Perez made sure that the trainer understood the Betances workflows so that he could incorporate their processes into the training.

It gets down to a simple two-step process: 1) Seek out eCW to take advantage of their industry-leading expertise, and 2) be clear about what you’re trying to accomplish so that when you go into the training, you get precisely what you need.

The training was concise and comprehensive. The new providers quickly became comfortable with Betances workflows and the eCW product. Through the eCW optimization training, Betances can better manage processes and measure their successes in executing those processes. It keeps staff on the right track in terms of compliance and makes sure they understand the value of everything they need to capture and report.

Once the optimization training was complete, Betances experienced success after success after success. Two of those were extra special.

  • First was hypertension. From 2021-2023, Betances improved hypertension compliance by 20%.
  • Second was the integration of Behavioral Health. Betances emphasized the importance of depression screenings for all members and realized a 20% increase in the six months after completing optimization training.

Betances has realized so much success with optimization that it’s doing another training. This time there will be a focus on the web version of eCW V12. It’s making the switch from the exe. version. The training will make everyone comfortable with the web version, allowing them to take advantage of even more benefits.

According to Perez, the investment in optimization is worth the cost as it will pay you back two- and three-fold, and because of the benefits you get with the clinical measures, quality measures, and incentive program.

Watch the full podcast episode the learn more about Optimization training.

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