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  • 20 February 2024
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A Provider’s Perspective On Enhancing Clinical Workflows with eCW V12


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With technology changing at what seems like the speed of light, eClinicalWorks® (eCW) is developing innovations to speed up your documentation process. Dr. Mustafa Ammar, Chief Medical Officer at Ampla Health, joined our podcast at our 2023 National Conference to give us his perspective on how his organization is leveraging these innovations.

Ampla Health made the move to eCW V12 in June 2023 with no issues or hiccups. (Dr. Ammar called it a ‘blockbuster.’) Providers were ecstatic as V12 improved a tremendous number of the functionalities they were using on a daily basis.


New Features with that Wow Factor

Dr. Ammar gave us a few of the upgrade highlights that the providers at his Health Center found to have improved functionalities that make their lives easier. One of the standout upgrades is the Encounter Tab, which lets you look at a previous Progress Note while you’re engaged with the current Progress Note.


They found that the Floating Toolbar is also very helpful. It lets you access medications, medical records, and treatment plans while seeing the patient on the same page.


Medication/prescription search is improved. Now, you can click on the medication in the Progress Note and make changes without moving to a separate page for just the medication. Split Medication allows patients to send prescriptions to different pharmacies if they want.


Color-coded procedure tracking keeps you updated on the status of things like orders or injections that have been done without having to track down and ask a nurse.

These few updates mentioned so far have already significantly improved performance across all the Ampla Health locations. Providers save up to three minutes per chart, saving them up to an hour daily. Efficiency is up. Clicks are down. Documentation happens faster. Patient care has improved.


Training to Make Sure You Get the Most Out of eCW V12

While Ampla’s upgrade was smooth, it still needed to inform the staff of the new features and how to use them. Ampla turned to the IT staff.

The IT staff did one-on-one training with every provider across the Ampla organization. Ampla provided access to a training video via their website, which providers can check out at their convenience. There are also periodic check-ins with providers and staff to make sure they’re aware of everything involved, from upgrades to avenues for training to ensure they’re using the features properly.

They also take advantage of the training videos and support documents on to boost their skills and techniques that can help them take their clinical performance to a new level. These online trainings are also a massive benefit in terms of getting new hires up to speed on everything that eCW can do.

Within two months, all the Ampla providers were aware of all the advantages that the upgrades and new features bring to the table, and they’re using them to great effect.

Visit to discover how the upgrades and new features of eCW V12.0.2 can help you power your practice.

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