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  • 22 November 2023
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eCW – Your AI-Powered EHR


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eClinicalWorks® (eCW) has unveiled a series of AI-powered functionalities to reshape the future of EHRs and power your practice forward. These transformative advancements will improve provider satisfaction, enhance efficiency, and reduce costs. Hold onto your stethoscopes. Here are the high points of eCW AI.

Ambient Listening Technology and AI Automation (

Grey image that has logo and the text: a revolutionary AI-powered ambient listening technology for clinical documentation

Sunoh transcribes a natural language conversation between a provider and a patient and turns it into clinical documentation. Here’s how it works:

  • It listens to your conversation.
  • It generates a dialogue flow.
  • It creates clinical documentation.
  • It places orders.
  • It allows you to review and modify the documentation for accuracy.

This immersive, fast, efficient AI-powered dictation and note-taking innovation will help accelerate your EHR documentation.

Integration of ChatGPT and Generative AI

This integration represents a significant leap in efficiency, introducing a language-based UI for users and streamlining various aspects of your workflow.

AI for Inbound Faxes

It’s now much easier to face fax. AI assistance for managing inbound faxes automates the labor-intensive process of matching faxes to patients, and interpreting their purpose, saving your practice valuable time and resources.

AI for RPA – Automated Playlists

This game-changing combination of AI with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) through Automated Playlists significantly reduces the time spent on repetitive, manual tasks, enhances efficiency, eases staff onboarding, and supports multi-screen navigation.

AI for Gaps in Care

We’re also bringing AI collaboration to PRISMA to calculate Gaps in Care and Gaps in Coding by collating and analyzing patient data across all EHRs.

AI to Reduce No-Shows

healow no-show graphic

Many practices are already taking advantage of AI technology that can predict potential no-shows. With this knowledge, you can implement strategies to address the challenge of no-shows, maximize patient engagement, and improve your schedule utilization.

This is an exciting time in the healthcare space. Embracing AI-powered technology to simplify your workflow, increase your efficiency, and decrease your stress level will give you a competitive advantage and put you at the forefront of the industry.

It all sounds great. It works even better. See how AI-powered technology can power your practice. Schedule a demo today.

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