eClinicalWorks V12

Meet the Multidimensional EHR

eClinicalWorks V12 is the world’s first multidimensional EHR and is a quantum leap in EHR usability and flexibility. eClinicalWorks V12 brings providers, patients, and populations together through real-time cloud intelligence to change the delivery of care. You’ve never used an EHR like this before.

Below are key areas that may help practices succeed in 2023 and beyond.

Transform Your Front Office

Our tools are simplifying the management of every aspect of the patient encounter. We’re empowering patients to book their own appointments, confirm and check in for those appointments conveniently, and pay their bills electronically. We're reducing burdens so that your front desk doesn't become a helpdesk. The bottom line: We’re delivering simplicity, security, and convenience for patients and practices alike.

image of a laptop with a screenshot that represents healow chatbot

healow Chatbot on Your Website

healow Chatbot answers patients frequently asked questions and lets them book appointments, pay bills, and access their health records securely. And Chatbot does all that while reducing incoming calls to your practice and providing support services 24/7 to your patients.

image of a laptop with a screenshot that represents of healow open access

Patient Self-Scheduling

healow Open Access® and secure text reminders are convenient, secure solutions that empower patients while giving practices the control they need with customizable rules and filters. In a world of electronic solutions, you can spend less time on the phone and more time caring for patients.

image of a smartphone with a screenshot representing healow sign

healow Sign for Patient Signatures

Many states require patient signatures on documents. Patients aren’t always in the office to provide a signature. healow Sign solves this problem by allowing patients to virtually sign documents sent to them via secure text message or email link.

image of an ipad with a screenshot representing healow check in

Convenient Check-in Solutions

Together, healow CHECK-IN™ and Kiosk are helping practices decrease patient wait time, decrease no-shows, and increase overall patient satisfaction. We have revolutionized the previsit process to allow patients to check in for appointments from a smartphone, anytime and from anywhere. They can confirm their insurance coverage, update demographic information, complete questionnaires, and pay balances using healow Pay.

image of a laptop and smartphone with screenshots on each device representing healow pay

Online Bill Pay

With healow Pay, practices can get paid faster by replacing printing and mailing expenses with a secure, electronic solution. Why watch revenue trickle in when you might collect 15% or more of your revenue within 24 hours? For patients and practices alike, the choice is clear — a secure text link beats a paper bill every time.

image of a laptop and smartphone with screenshots on each device representing messenger

Reminders and Surveys

Why staff the phones and send appointment reminders when eClinicalMessenger® can do it for you automatically? We have dozens of campaigns to streamline workflows, reduce no-shows, and let your staff focus more attention on patient care. And you can use healow Survey to create questionnaires in 11 languages and analyze responses.

Practice Remote Medicine

eClinicalWorks and healow are pioneers in developing technologies and platforms to expand care beyond the four walls of traditional medical practices. We have tools to meet the needs of today’s practitioners and accommodate patients’ schedules, lifestyles, and needs.

image of three smartphones with screenshots on each device representing the healow app, healow mom app, and healow kids app

healow Apps

The healow app, available in both English and Spanish, gives patients anytime, anywhere access to their medical records, from appointments and reminders to lab results and medication refill requests. The healow Mom® and healow Kids® apps are perfect for expectant mothers and growing families. And patients can easily connect health wearables and trackers to share real-time health data with providers.

image of three smartphones with screenshots on each device representing patient monitoring devives

Remote Patient Monitoring

The healow Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) module gathers physiological data from patient wearables and trackers to monitor patient health, gain insights, interpret health trends, and capture time-based activities. Fully integrated with the EHR, the module can act as a staff multiplier by easing the burdens on clinicians, clinical staff, and billers.

image of a laptop with a screenshot representing healow televisits

healow Telehealth Solutions

healow TeleVisits™ are a secure, HIPAA-compliant, and user-friendly solution to connect providers with patients when time, distance, or other circumstances make an in-office visit difficult. TeleVisits can now add in family members, translators, therapists, or consultants.

And our healow Meet solution is a fully integrated platform for booking and conducting audio and video group visits within eClinicalWorks. Providers can connect online with more than one patient at a time for educational or counseling sessions, Behavioral Health visits, or any type of group visit.

Cloud Intelligence

Cloud intelligence is the interconnectivity of the internet fueling the PRISMA search engine. Cloud intelligence is streamlining documentation with Scribe, Touch, and Eva. It is using electronic prior authorization to ensure patients receive their medications promptly. It is healow TeleVisits and remote medicine. It is all of this in one easily accessible location – everywhere.

Icon of a microphone representing eclinicalworks scribe


eClinicalWorks Scribe® allows providers to generate accurate, comprehensive Progress Notes. Partnering with speech-to-text software, providers can complete documentation and tasks within eClinicalWorks, eClinicalTouch®, and eClinicalMobile® — achieving accuracy, ease of use, and cost savings. By seeing just two more patients a month, practices can realize sufficient savings to make Scribe more cost-effective than using human scribes.*

image of a laptop with a screenshot that prepresens eClinicalWorks Virtual Assistant


eClinicalWorks Virtual Assistant Eva™, the eClinicalWorks Virtual Assistant, provides intelligent, context-based searches within the EHR. Providers can retrieve patient histories, compare old and new Progress Notes side by side, view flowsheet information, add diagnoses to a patient’s problem list, and render decisions on prescription refill requests — all without leaving the current window.

screenshot of Manage orders screen in the eClinicalWorks EHR

Electronic Prior Authorization (ePA)

eClinicalWorks offers secure, convenient solutions for electronic prescribing of controlled substances. With electronic prior authorization, providers can expedite approval of specific medications, avoiding the delays associated with manual authorizations and ensuring patients receive timely treatments.

3D graphic of a colorful prism representing PRISMA

Search at the Point of Care

eClinicalWorks participates in both nationwide networks for the exchange of patient records — Carequality and the CommonWell® Health Alliance. PRISMA exchanges 2.6 million patient records every day.

screenshot of prisma in the eClinicalworks EHR

PRISMA at the point of care provides unprecedented access to patient data across a wide range of sources. Searches behave like popular internet queries, returning relevant, aggregated data, creating an actionable to-do list for providers, allowing them to close gaps in care while treating the patient. With V12, we have taken PRISMA a step further by displaying data relevant to the screen you are in. A provider reviewing allergies, for example, will now see additional allergies that may not have been documented within eClinicalWorks, without having to search for them using PRISMA.

Revenue Cycle Management

Either as a technology platform or a service, with eClinicalWorks Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) you may enjoy industry-leading quality, outstanding customer support, and a 98.7% first-pass acceptance rate.

Revenue Cycle Management Technology

Fully integrated with the EHR, RCM Technology brings automation, intelligence, and efficiency to back-office operations. Bots provide eligibility checking and real-time claim scrubbing so that claims go out clean the first time, saving valuable time. Batch verification, electronic remittance advice for electronic payments, and appeals generation can all be done electronically. And patient statements, bill payment letters, and collection letters can all be generated within the system. Every aspect of the back-office billing process has been streamlined for maximum efficiency.

Revenue Cycle Management Services

Our RCM Service is an end-to-end solution in which our staff of experts handle all aspects of your back-office billing operations, securely and accurately. And at just 2.9% of collected revenue, our RCM Service option is among the best values in the industry, delivering 98.7% first-pass acceptance while lowering costs. Practices that have switched to the eClinicalWorks RCM Service report saving up to 50% on their Revenue Cycle Management costs.

Excel in Value-Based Care

image of a laptop with a screenshot representing healow insights to-do list functionality

Bridge Gaps in Quality

Close gaps in care and meet quality measures using clinical insights to build the To-Do List before a patient visit. Plan orders and outline the agenda before the encounter to meet value-based Care requirements and spend more time interacting with your patients.

image of a laptop with a screenshot representing HCC dashboard

Bridge Gaps in Coding

The eClinicalWorks Hierarchical Coding Categories (HCC) module identifies coding gaps based on historical data, displays Risk Adjustment Factor scores, and provides a dashboard for trending analysis enabling comparison of RAF scores from current and previous years.

image of a laptop with a screenshot representing HEDIS performance measures screen in eClinicalWorks

Bridge Gaps in Care

eClinicalWorks offers HEDIS® performance measures and point-of-care tools designed to improve the delivery of quality care, evaluate access to care, evaluate high-risk patients, measure compliance with treatments, and evaluate provider performance and patient satisfaction.**

image of a laptop with a screenshot representing Disease Explorer screen in eClinicalWorks

Disease Explorer offers better visibility and insight into patient populations by enabling practices to group patients into cohorts and target high-risk patients, identify those waiting for test results, for example, and prioritize patient care.

image of a laptop with a screenshot representing Chronic Care Management screen in eClinicalWorks

CMS Programs

eClinicalWorks has developed modules to address some of the most challenging aspects of today’s healthcare — meeting the needs of chronically ill and vulnerable patients, including those transitioning among care settings. Unlock your practice’s potential with our tools for Principal Care Management, Chronic Care Managements, Transition Care Management, and Care Plan Oversight.

image of a laptop with a screenshot representing primary care first screen in eClinicalWorks

Advanced Primary Care Programs

The eClinicalWorks Primary Care First Module helps monitor program activities, including wellness visits, chronic conditions, Social Determinants of Health, and more, to enable timely interventions and better overall care.

image a of a laptop with a screenshot representing cost and utilization explorer screen

Cost and Utilization Explorer

The eClinicalWorks Cost & Utilization Explorer provides access to Medicare claims data that can yield insights needed to meet the challenges of value-based healthcare models, including CMS’s Data at the Point of Care initiative. Providers can see patients’ well visits, vaccines, and procedures. Administrators and quality analysts can analyze ER visits patterns and determine overall costs.

*eClinicalWorks Scribe® provides selective voice navigation and speech-to-text documentation. Dictate using Nuance® Dragon® Medical, or M*Modal® (fee-based).

**HEDIS® is a registered trademark of the National Committee for Quality Assurance.