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  • 25 February 2022
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The Network EHR, PRISMA, and Beyond



eClinicalWorks to exhibit revolutionary technologies at HIMSS22

In the mid-1980s, computer science pioneer John Gage coined the phrase “the network is the computer” to describe the revolutionary work at Sun Microsystems. Some 40 years later, eClinicalWorks® is giving Gage’s phrase a twist as we continue to reimagine healthcare IT. 

Today, the network is the EHR.

What we mean by that is simple: The days of the self-contained EHR — containing records for your patients and little else — are over. Patients today seek care from specialists, clinics, and hospitals beyond their primary care physician. Most don’t remember everything about their own medical history. And with the power of today’s healthcare IT, there’s no reason they should have to. 

EHRs were created, after all, to make medical documentation easier, keep track of patients’ medical records, and improve care. So, far more than being a good idea, a Network EHR is essential for meeting patients’ needs and the demands of value-based medicine. 


Most EHRs on the market today are mired in old thinking. Providers use them to document a patient’s case. The data is stored. If a question arises, they ask the patient for more information and then might reach out to another facility to learn more.

The eClinicalWorks Network EHR overturns that model

At the very start of the patient’s care experience, providers use PRISMA, the industry’s first healthcare information search engine, to retrieve patient records from clinics, specialists, hospitals, and health systems.

PRISMA creates a searchable, timeline view of the patient’s complete health history. Before the patient visit starts, a provider knows what information is likely to be relevant. That can mean more efficient workflows, a sharper focus on the patient’s needs, more informed decision-making, and better medical outcomes.

Thousands of eClinicalWorks practices are using PRISMA every day, exchanging 100 million patient records each month. And it is precisely that massive, daily exchange of critical patient data among providers and health systems that gives meaning to the phrase “the network is the EHR.”

PRISMA is only the beginning

Interoperability is essential for great healthcare, but eClinicalWorks and healow® don’t stop at a better EHR. We offer tools for every aspect of healthcare — from better Patient Engagement and Population Health Management to data analytics, telehealth, and collecting payments — and weave those tools into a fully unified healthcare IT ecosystem. 

Here’s more of what you can do and learn about when you visit us at booth #1243 at HIMSS22:

  • Sign up for our healow Price Transparency solution and get one year free. Price transparency will help your organization generate the good-faith cost estimates for medical procedures that your patients want and deserve — while meeting new government mandates.
  • Talk to our experts about how our solutions combat provider burnout through Eva (the eClinicalWorks Virtual Assistant) for easier documentation, eClinicalWorks Scribe® for dictation, and online solutions for patient self-scheduling, previsit questionnaires, appointment check-in, and bill payment.
  • Learn how Robotic Process Automation is used throughout our Network EHR to save hours of staff time that might otherwise be spent on repetitive, manual processes. Our bots can lower costs, reduce human error, and improve patient satisfaction.

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