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  • 6 July 2021
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Winning the Medical Information Game


blog-prisma-overview - headline How PRISMA can help your practice with interoperability

Your providers thrive when they have access to the latest information on health, illness, and treatments. A 2006 study by the American Medical Informatics Association concluded that when physicians need good information they seek out gold-standard sources, including high-quality medical journals and reputable websites that specialize in their area of expertise.

So, when it comes to obtaining something far more specific and immediately useful — the latest information on their patients — they deserve the gold standard for interoperability in healthcare. They deserve PRISMA, the healthcare IT industry’s first health information search engine.

Once you activate PRISMA in the eClinicalWorks® EHR, a request for patient records uses the nationwide CommonWell® Health Alliance and Carequality® networks to locate all relevant records in either network, whether from primary care providers, specialists, clinics, urgent care centers, or hospitals.

PRISMA works its magic

It’s what happens next that is revolutionizing patient care. Rather than simply deliver a bunch of data that providers must sift through, PRISMA adopts a “one patient, one record” approach that helps providers better know their patients and provide more effective clinical care.

Among the advantages PRISMA offers:

  • Technology that creates a searchable, timeline view of each patient’s health history
  • By clicking on any record in the left-hand column of the patient’s record, the provider can view details in a split-screen view to the right
  • Providers can search by keywords or abbreviations to locate conditions, diagnoses, treatments, and medications
  • In addition to direct keyword matches, PRISMA uses smart search technology to return generic equivalents for name-brand medications

How PRISMA helped one practice

While PRISMA can add value to any type or size of medical practice, perhaps its most dramatic impact can be seen in the case of new or emergency patients for whom a practice has no records.

Listen to this story of one eClinicalWorks practice, Carolina Heart and Leg Center in Fayetteville, North Carolina, that recently used PRISMA to treat a patient who arrived with no medical records and a condition that could have resulted in loss of a limb. With PRISMA, staff were able to obtain the information they needed for effective treatment.

Easy to activate and use

Getting started with PRISMA couldn’t be easier. In the eClinicalWorks EHR, choose Product Activation > Interoperability Hub and select the Carequality or CommonWell Health Alliance network. Simply accept both the network and PRISMA terms of use and you’re ready to go.

PRISMA is included with the EHR and comes with no added costs or fees of any kind. Best of all, it offers the perfect complement to the work habits of today’s physicians. While today’s doctors are already connected to the information superhighway, PRISMA gives them something special. Think of it as a direct connection to the very lane occupied by a given patient, with a clear map of everywhere they have been, the better to guide where they might go next.

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