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  • 12 July 2018
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eClinicalWorks Interoperability Expert Named to CommonWell Board of Directors


eClinicalWorks is excited to announce that Tushar Malhotra, Director for Interoperability Strategy and Business Development, has been appointed to the CommonWell Health Alliance® Board of Directors. Tushar has a decade of experience in the healthcare IT industry and is responsible for defining solutions and services for integrating the eClinicalWorks EMR with disparate systems and applications.

As a member of the board, Tushar will govern and guide CommonWell Health Alliance as it strives to improve access to patient health data through scalable and secure interoperability for HIT vendors.

At eClinicalWorks, Tushar oversees the deployment of both the CommonWell Health Alliance and Carequality Interoperability Framework for customers using eClinicalWorks EMR solutions and works to improve infrastructure that supports nationwide provider to provider data exchanges. Tushar is also involved in establishing new integration vendor partners for eClinicalWorks Open Interoperability platform utilizing FHIR. interoperability-CommonWell2

eClinicalWorks announced its successful deployment of CommonWell Health Alliance services in February 2017. Since then eClinicalWorks has been able to support the seamless exchange of data for its customers and thousands of providers have enabled Commonwell services to interoperate with their critical exchange partners on other vendor platforms. CommonWell services allow users in other systems to query and retrieve the CCDAs of common patients from eClinicalWorks practices for full bidirectional exchange. eClinicalWorks continues to explore new use cases like transition of care alerts through Commonwell for improved care delivery for patients being seen by clinicians using eClinicalWorks EMR.



“It is an honor to be selected as a board member for Commonwell Health Alliance and to have the chance to collaborate with some of the brightest and seasoned health information technology leaders in the industry. With all the infrastructure that has already been built, including, record locator services and more members getting ready to deploy their customers, the alliance is already on course to build one of the most powerful data exchange networks in the country. I look forward to guiding the alliance in this growth phase so data liquidity and additional use cases can be facilitated to alliance members and their users at reasonable costs.”


For more information on eClinicalWorks partnership with CommonWell, please visit the  CommonWell page on our customer portal or check out our interoperability blog post.


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