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  • 8 October 2017
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Sunday: The measure of who we are


The Saturday Night Celebration still seems to echo about the Gaylord Texan Hotel & Convention Center, from the far corners of the Atrium to the Glass Cactus nightclub. The aroma of short ribs lingers in the air, the images of cowboys on stilts have been captured on many a smartphone, and the sights and sounds of the silent disco won’t be forgotten anytime soon.

It would be so nice to sleep in for a while, order up a leisurely breakfast, sort through party photos, and choose a couple of sessions for midday…

But let’s face it: That is not who we are!

Who are we?

We are physicians and physician assistants who laugh in the face of sleep deprivation. Yes, our hours are long, and our responsibilities are heavy, but the rewards of bringing caring and healing to our patients are priceless.

We are nurse practitioners and medical staff who do not rest until we have done our level best for every patient — even when that means spending our weekend learning all we can about the healthcare IT resources that are critical to care delivery.

We are billing experts, informatics junkies, and data aficionados — folks who will sift through any amount of code and any number of product presentations in search of just the right solutions for our needs.

And we are 5,000 eClinicalWorks employees, every one of us putting the needs of our clients and customers first — whether they are solo practitioners, large medical systems, health centers, or specialty clinics.


In short, we are the eClinicalWorks family, and when Sunday dawns, it’s time to answer the call once more. It’s one more full day of breakout sessions, browsing eCWCentral, getting some one-on-one training, and striking up those serendipitous conversations that yield unexpected insights and collaborations.

Such chance encounters can lead to great things. Dr. Bo Fried, for example, met eClinicalWorks CEO Girish Navani at a sales presentation eight years ago and has enjoyed guidance and personalized attention each year since.

“It’s pretty amazing to have a company this big that gives the amount of attention to a single practice like we get,” Dr. Fried says.

Dr. Fried’s relationship has grown to the point where he spent this year’s conference as a presenter, joining the interoperability panel to help other eClinicalWorks customers appreciate the true power and value of clinical data exchange.

Simply put, Dr. Fried adds, eClinicalWorks meets the needs of Eagle Physicians in ways that he cannot imagine any other vendor could do.

From first-time attendees to those who come back year after year, there were rave reviews: For Friday’s Keynote and Product Showcase. For Saturday Night’s Celebration. But most importantly of all, for the patient and earnest conversations and interactions in which eClinicalWorks staff shared the specific knowledge that practices need to meet the challenges of healthcare today.

Sunday at the eClinicalWorks National Conference.

Time to finish the to-do list. Time to check the boxes. Time to keep going.

And if you’re still around for Monday’s Day 4, eCWCentral is open 8 AM until 12 PM. Don’t leave a single question unanswered. There’s still time to get the tools you need. Time to remember who we all are!


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