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  • 4 February 2021
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5 Advantages of Using a Cloud-Based EHR System



These days, there’s a lot of talk about cloud-based software. A recent study surveying 786 technical professionals across a wide spectrum of organizations showed that 94% of the respondents used a cloud-based service to manage data.

When you think about it, there are certainly a lot of benefits to a solution where you don’t have to worry about losing all that important data like you could with that old flash drive you might have carried around in your pocket.

But how does cloud-based technology stack up in the healthcare field? Read on to find out!

Cloud Icon-2 What Makes a Cloud-Based EHR Special

Cloud-based EHRs offer significant advantages over a traditional client-server model. Some of these benefits include:

  • Fast implementation – It is easier and faster to get started on the cloud, with much less hardware and software to install.
  • Reduced costs – Client-server models are expensive to set up, and practices must dedicate IT staff to security and maintenance. Cloud-based EHRs require only a monthly fee, with less need for IT personnel on staff.
  • Access and interoperability – Providers enjoy access to patient records anywhere they have an internet connection and can get the latest patient data through interoperability networks.
  • Scalability – True cloud-based EHRs grow as a practice grows, making it easy to add providers and locations.
  • Upgrades and security – With a cloud-based EHR, practices can add software patches and upgrade to new versions with ease, ensuring they have the latest tools to offer great care and promote patient safety.

Cloud Icon-1  Why the eClinicalWorks Cloud Is Different

After deciding that a cloud-based EHR is the best choice for their practice, the next big decision that a provider will have to make is choosing among a growing number of cloud-based EHR vendors.

With the eClinicalWorks cloud, you’ll be able to rely on a safe, secure, and fully accessible EHR system regardless of heavy network traffic or extreme weather.

Some of the benefits of the eClinicalWorks cloud include:

  • A faster, more reliable network – Our multiple, strategically located data centers reduce data hopes and “noise” so providers can enjoy fast and reliable service, unaffected by other practices’ upgrades or search queries.
  • Increased privacy – When multiple practices share a cloud, it could disrupt an EHR system. The eClinicalWorks cloud is based on a private cloud model where providers know that their private data is truly private.
  • Working at your own convenience – As long as there’s access to the internet, a user can work from anywhere at any time, whether they’re on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Scalability – As a practice grows, so too does its data. With eClinicalWorks, healthcare workers don’t have to pay extra to keep up with their growing business.
  • No more manual backups and updates – That’s right, no more pushing off updates or having to take time out of a busy day to backup data. eClinicalWorks conducts scheduled, automatic backups. eClinicalWorks also performs software updates during off-hours, so there’s no downtime for practices.
  • Downtime/natural disaster protection – Expect the unexpected, and if you can’t do that, prepare! Switching to the eClinicalWorks cloud also gives you access to eClinicalWorks Nimbus, a downtime solution that lets you stay connected even during an outage.

It’s one thing to see a bunch of bells and whistles; it’s another thing to see the technology in action. Click here to find out how the eClinicalWorks cloud benefitted a practice when disaster struck.

Interested in giving our cloud-based solution a try? Schedule a demo with us today.


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