Brownfield Regional Medical Center Implements, to Accelerate Clinical Documentation and Enhance Efficiency

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The AI-medical scribe integrated within eClinicalWorks EHR helps the rural health clinic drastically speed up documentation time by 40%

WESTBOROUGH, Mass. — April 25, 2024 — eClinicalWorks®, the largest ambulatory cloud EHR, today announced that the federally designated rural health clinic (RHC) Brownfield Regional Medical Center has successfully implemented It has enabled providers to complete medical charting in a record time, speeding the documentation up to 40% faster. As a result of the eClinicalWorks integration with, the medical AI scribe is easily available to eClinicalWorks users, including Brownfield Regional Medical Center.

Brownfield Regional Medical Center is a Texas-based rural health clinic operating under the Federal Rural Health Clinic program since 2001. The practice struggled with physician turnover, with two physicians and nurse practitioners managing up to 9,000 annual patient visits. The clinic has grown rapidly, reaching 19,000 patient visits in four years, significantly increasing physicians’ workload. Despite efforts to streamline charting, physicians fell behind due to the volume of patients. However, after implementing, the clinic experienced immediate improvements, with charts completed at the end of each day.

“’s benefits extend beyond its speedy turnaround. A significant outcome noted by our medical staff is how detailed our charts are now,” says Michael Tackitt, director of hospital and clinic operations at Brownfield Regional Medical Center. “It helps capture the whole dialogue. These comprehensive notes provide a full narrative of patient histories and complaints. The early adoption of the AI medical scribe will provide long-term benefits for medical practices. If clinics aren’t offering AI documentation, it will become increasingly challenging to retain and recruit physicians who have experienced the benefits of AI.” is an advanced AI tool that transcribes and creates customized highlights, alerts, next steps, and patient visit summaries for physician approval. It captures crucial details, including lab orders, imaging, medication instructions, referrals, and follow-up appointments.

“ is at the forefront of a healthcare revolution, reducing physician burnout and improving patient care,” says Saurabh Singh, VP of With its advanced AI technology, transforms natural conversations between providers and patients into clinical documentation. Automating documentation reduces administrative burdens, helping providers save up to 8-10 hours every week.” seamlessly integrates with eClinicalMobile® and eClinicalTouch® apps on any iOS and Android smartphones, iPads, and Microsoft Windows and macOS devices.

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Texas-based Brownfield Medical Regional Center is a multi-specialty rural health clinic operating under the Federal Rural Health Clinic program since 2001. With state-of-the-art facilities, a team of highly skilled medical professionals, and a commitment to patient-centered care, they strive to deliver world-class healthcare services to their patients. It is their mission to provide exceptional medical care to its patients. To know more, visit

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About is the revolutionary, EHR-agnostic, AI-powered ambient listening technology. is designed to seamlessly translate natural language conversations between healthcare providers and patients into clinical documentation, offering a unique and immersive experience. makes clinical documentation faster and more efficient than ever before. For more information, visit