Leading Psychiatric Practice Talkiatry’s Partnership With Electronic Health Record (EHR) Provider eClinicalWorks Enhances Patient Experience Nationwide.

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Talkiatry’s partnership with eClinicalWorks’ cloud EHR and telehealth solutions enhances data-driven decisions and outcomes for a growing patient base.

NEW YORK and WESTBOROUGH, Mass.—September 14, 2022— Talkiatry, a leading tech-enabled psychiatry practice, announced today it has partnered with cloud EHR and revenue cycle management solution eClinicalWorks® and healow® telehealth solutions to launch leading API integrations on their platform. Since 2020, this partnership, combined with Talkiatry’s proprietary technology, has enhanced data-driven decisions and outcomes for Talkiatry’s growing patient base and will continue to provide the robust capabilities needed for integrating with next-generation technology stacks.


Talkiatry provides an accessible and empowering experience by partnering with all major U.S. insurers and employing hundreds of psychiatrists across specialties and a diverse range of identities, all trained in the highest standards of care. This partnership with eClinicalWorks improves this experience by simplifying clinical documentation for providers and virtual visits for patients with healow TeleVisits.


“eClinicalWorks and healow play an important role in our technology ecosystem, helping streamline operations,” says Robert Krayn, CEO and Co-founder of Talkiatry. “Their features also allow us to redouble our focus on developing functionality on our own proprietary software, including matching patients and providers with our algorithm and tracking patients’ progress over time, all with the intent to get patients better faster.”


“Technology is key to making psychiatric and mental health services accessible, and we’re thrilled that Talkiatry has partnered with us as their EHR vendor of choice as it expands its operations,” says Girish Navani, CEO and co-founder of eClinicalWorks. “Patients have embraced telehealth for psychiatry because it provides the care they need from the comfort of their own homes. Because of this, providers have continued to see increased use of healow TeleVisits, allowing them to reach more patients and expand access to care.”



About Talkiatry

Talkiatry is a national mental health practice that provides in-network psychiatry and therapy. They were co-founded by a patient and a triple-board-certified psychiatrist to solve the problems both groups face in accessing and providing the highest quality mental healthcare. 60% of adults in the U.S. with a diagnosable mental illness go untreated every year because care is inaccessible, while 45% of clinicians are out of network with insurers because reimbursement rates are low and paperwork is unduly burdensome. With innovative technology and a human-centered philosophy, Talkiatry provides patients with the care they need—and allows psychiatrists to focus on why they got into medicine. Learn more at www.talkiatry.com.


About eClinicalWorks

eClinicalWorks was founded in 1999 to help digitize paper charts for ambulatory practices. Today, eClinicalWorks leads the nation in innovation with cloud-based solutions for Electronic Health Records and Practice Management. In addition, we help ambulatory practices, specialists, health centers, urgent care facilities, and hospital systems manage their revenue cycle, patient relationships, and Population Health initiatives. More than 150,000 physicians and 850,000 medical professionals rely upon the power and scalability of the eCW Cloud for flexible clinical documentation, better front-office workflows, and more efficient billing driven by Robotic Process Automation. We combine innovation, leading-edge technology, and a commitment to patient safety to enable practices to grow and thrive amid the challenges 21st-century healthcare. For more information, visit www.eclinicalworks.com, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, or call (866) 888-6929.


About healow

healow is a comprehensive, EHR-agnostic, cloud-based platform for patients, practices, payers, hospitals, and health systems. healow provides Patient Relationship Management, clinical and payer insights, and state-of-the-art interoperability solutions. The PRISMA health information search engine gathers patient records from other EHRs and helps providers focus on the most clinically relevant information at the point of care. healow’s Population Health Management tools, including Remote Patient Monitoring, provide real-time data to deepen understanding of patient populations. And healow Insights automates the bidirectional exchange of data between health plans and providers to improve scores on quality measures, help control costs, and promote better medical outcomes. Learn more at plus.healow.com