Financial Integrations

Claims/Detailed Financial Transactions

eClinicalWorks can integrate with different EHRs to exchange financial transactions in the industry standard HL7 format.

Specifications:  HL7 DFT

Current Integrations Include



eClinicalWorks has established tight integrations with our partnered clearinghouses that simplify the monitoring of claims, from the time a patient’s eligibility is verified until a claim is processed and paid. Our partnered clearinghouse integrated services include insurance eligibility verification, real-time claim scrubbing, claim status updates, clearinghouse reports, electronic remittance advices, and patient statements. All service options are accessible within eClinicalWorks Practice Management, streamlining billing workflows, automating tasks, and enhancing revenue management processes.

Partnered Clearinghouse Integrations



eClinicalWorks offers its collection partners seamless integration for the collection module. We provide a consistent, systematic approach for practices to recover delinquent patient accounts, address slow-paying accounts, and help improve cash flow. Users can send batch collection data with a single click, and even enable an automated task to send data, securely and directly, to a partnered collections vendor.

Current Integration

TSI (formerly Transworld Systems, Inc.)
IC System

General Ledger

eClinicalWorks offers a customizable mapping solution that is used to import General Ledger Account codes. It can be used in conjunction with eBO financial reporting to provide a general ledger extract that can be imported to third-party financial systems that can leverage a practice’s financial data in order to proactively evaluate revenue.

Lock Box

eClinicalWorks offers a custom interface for clients using a bank lock box for mailed patient payments. A lock box is a post office box accessible by the bank. The bank collects and processes the payments from the lock box, creates a file for the client to facilitate posting and offers image files for client reference of all checks and documents received to assist with reconciliation.

Payment Processing

eClinicalWorks has partnered integrations for patient payment solutions. ePayment processes are secure and compliant. The ePayments integration streamlines patient payment workflows and minimizes data entry errors. Integrated ePayments makes it possible for a patient to make an online payment via the Patient Portal or Kiosk, and for staff to process patients’ in-office, mail, and phone payments via a desktop card reader for credit or debit cards and check transactions.

Current Integrations Include

Open Edge – Global Payments Inc.
TSYS (formerly Transfirst)