Practice Management Integrations

Address Verification (USPS)

eClinicalWorks has partnered with USPS to provide real-time verification of addresses entered into eClinicalWorks against the USPS national directory.

Current Integrations Include


Audit Logs

eClinicalWorks integrates with several vendors providing them with exports of the user action logs to help ensure privacy and tracking of ePHI.

Format:  Flat File

Current Integrations Include


Demographics, Registration and MPI Query

Patients’ demographic information is indispensable for any healthcare organization. eClinicalWorks provides successful integrations with a number of practice management and registration systems. eClinicalWorks supports the nationwide standard HL7 ADT message type.

eClinicalWorks also supports MPI query type interfaces. In this scenario, eClinicalWorks will have the capability to initiate an MPI query to another system to check the availability of the patient. eClinicalWorks can also accept/import patients’ demographics from the interfaced system.

Message Types: HL7 ADT, MPI Query

Provider Directory Maintenance (MFN)

eClinicalWorks can integrate with external systems to keep referring provider lists in sync by importing such data.

Message Types: HL7 MFN


eClinicalWorks follows standard HL7 SIU messaging protocol to keep appointments in sync with other EHR and hospital systems. Common SIU messages implemented but not limited to S12, S13, and S15.

Message Types: HL7 SIU

Student Information System

eClinicalWorks supports interfaces with universities utilizing student information systems to receive demographics information along with other relevant student details.