healow No-Show AI Prediction Model

Know who to engage with to increase your show rate and optimize your schedule.

Due to missed appointments, last-minute cancelations, and reschedules, you could be missing out on as much as $50K a year. Our healow® No-Show AI Prediction Model uses AI machine learning to predict your no-shows with up to 90% accuracy.

With that knowledge, you can execute strategies that can help you improve your scheduling, increase your revenue, grow your practice, and improve patient health outcomes.

Discover How to Rebook Cancelations

Canceled and open slots don’t have to go unfilled. Here are some things you can do to fill those slots and increase your schedule utilization:

  • Consider double booking slots scheduled with a patient with a high probability of a no-show.
  • Share available appointment slots from last-minute reschedules with your patient waitlist.
  • Publish canceled appointment slots online.
  • Publish open appointment slots online to acquire new patients.

Send Reminders

Patients can be forgetful. Call, text, or email to remind patients who are likely to “no-show” their appointment. A text reminder drops your no-show rate from 33% to 27%. A same-day text reminder drops it to 19%.

eClinicalMessenger® is another reminder strategy. It’s a way to send automated reminders through voice messages, secure text messages, the healow App/Patient Portal, or email.

Engage Your Patients

Communicate with your patients with healow CHECK-IN™. It lets patients check in for their appointment online or via smartphone, which knocks your no-show rate down to 9%. Getting co-pays upfront through healow Payment Services at check-in virtually eliminates no-shows.

Increase Revenue

Reducing no-shows and increasing your schedule utilization can have a significant impact on your bottom line. If you can prevent one to two no-shows per day, you can earn additional revenue of up to $50K a year.*