Wearables, Trackers and healow…Oh My!

By: | Tags: , , | April 22nd, 2015

Recently, we announced some exciting developments with the healow (Health & Online Wellness) patient engagement platform — integration with industry-leading wearable devices and fitness trackers. Available now, consumers can have data from these devices seamlessly integrated into their PHR via healow.com and the healow mobile application as well as be available to that person’s medical provider.


Bringing this a step further, and with patient permission, information may automatically enter the EHR system. When a patient goes to see their doctor, the physician can bring up the information in the progress note, which is graphically represented to show a trend in data points over time. This way it tells a story and becomes part of the conversation. Whether a patient wants to share how their blood sugar levels look at home or a doctor wants to see if a new medication is working for a patient with hypertension, having the patient and doctor looking at the same information while at the doctors’ office can be powerful.


There are many health apps available, but most do not connect with the healthcare provider. Monitoring daily habits leads to healthier choices, specifically for patients living with chronic diseases, such as diabetes or asthma. Linking a medical provider to these results improves outcomes by keeping the provider informed as well as enabling them to flag specific changes.


We are currently working with Fitbit, iHealth, Jawbone and Withings, with each bringing its own area of expertise and offering a selection for consumers. Some vendors focus on fitness trackers and others, such as iHealth, offer a wide array of solutions including fitness trackers, wireless scales, glucometers and blood pressure monitors.


As Joseph Catalano, head of enterprise solutions for iHealth, explained in a statement: “iHealth is dedicated to helping people lead healthier lives. We aim to make it as easy as possible for individuals of all ages to lead a more active role in managing their health with the influence of their medical provider. Our partnership with healow will allow us to extend the value of our devices and help patients take involvement in their health.”


Consumers and providers can start benefiting from this integration now. Please visit healow.com for more information and to download the mobile application for iOS and Android.