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  • 25 April 2019
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MACRA/MIPS: What’s New for 2019?


Can you believe that it’s been three years? Three years since MACRA ended the Sustainable Growth Rate formula for clinician payment and established a quality payment incentive program. The goal: To create a new way to reward eligible clinicians based on performance and health outcomes, rather than volume.

You know, quality over quantity.

In MACRA, there are two ways to participate in the Quality Payment Program – Alternative Payment Models (APMs) and the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS). 

In 2017, 95% of eligible clinicians were able to avoid a penalty. Since then, the program has continued to change and improve.

Understanding MIPS can be challenging, but the benefits that it provides will be essential for many practices to thrive in the future. Having a strong healthcare IT to help you get started or answer any questions could be a key factor in getting the most out of MIPS.

eClinicalWorks is here to work with eligible clinicians just getting started or experienced clinicians that may have a quick question they’d like answered.


So, What’s New With MIPS in 2019?

  • Neutral adjustments are now 30 points.
  • Not participating this year will result in a 7% penalty in 2021. So, try to participate!
  • eClinicalWorks V11 is 2015 CEHRT!
  • The General Performance Category Weights have changed (Quality: 45%, Cost: 15%, Promoting Interoperability: 25%, Improvement Activities: 15%).

For an in-depth explanation regarding the updates taking place in 2019, refer to the CMS factsheet.  


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