Telehealth for Neurology

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Neurology are helping patients
through telehealth

healow Telehealth Solutions from eClinicalWorks offer a comprehensive telehealth platform to meet the needs of neurology practices. Telehealth allows practices to:

  • Improve access to care and safety for patients
  • Observe patients with complex conditions in their everyday environment
  • Send previsit questionnaires to improve visit efficiency
  • Use the healow® app to gather vital signs and data from health devices
  • Reduce risks of travel for patients with memory, visual, and other deficits
  • Review test and lab results, medications, progress with patients

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The healow telehealth advantage


Start a visit with a text or email link – no download or login required

Conduct on-demand audio/video calls through hello2healow


Online appointment scheduling

Send patients previsit questionnaires

Document a comprehensive Progress Note

Collect data from wearable health devices

See how eClinicalWorks can help your practice

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