Telehealth for Orthopedics

See how providers at Scott Orthopedic
Center are helping patients
through telehealth

healow Telehealth Solutions from eClinicalWorks offer a comprehensive telehealth platform to meet the needs of orthopedic practices. Telehealth allows practices to:

  • Diagnose 80%+ of common orthopedic injuries and conditions
  • Follow up on office procedures, evaluate patients’ range of motion
  • Review results of radiological and imagery tests with patients
  • Review medications and prescribe electronically
  • Reduce risks and inconvenience of travel for patients with limited mobility
  • Instruct and guide patients with physical therapy

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The healow telehealth advantage


Start a visit with a text or email link – no download or login required

Conduct on-demand audio/video calls through hello2healow


Online appointment scheduling

Send patients previsit questionnaires

Document a comprehensive Progress Note

Collect data from wearable health devices

Find out how providers at Gotham City
Orthopedics used telehealth to continue
to deliver quality orthopedic care
to their patients.

See how eClinicalWorks can help your practice

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