Reinventing Your Practice

Reinventing your practice doesn’t require tearing down walls or installing a supercomputer. It doesn’t mean shuffling staff, investing in new equipment, or changing your specialty. It simply means taking a close look at each stage of the patient experience to ensure that you are offering the highest quality care in safe and efficient ways.

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Turning Great Ideas Into Great Healthcare

healow® CHECK-IN is the new, contactless way to manage appointment reminders, patient check-in, previsit questionnaires, insurance checks, copayments, and more. Give your patients the convenience and comfort of checking in on a smartphone or computer from the comfort of their home, and minimize the time they spend in your waiting room!

Reinvent Your Front Office

Add Online Appointment Booking

Patients can book telehealth appointments or in-person visits direct from a provider’s website or the healow® app.


Adopt a Contactless Check-in Method

Our contactless check-in method starts with a patient confirming their appointment and ends by them letting your staff know they’ve arrived at the office.


Send Helpful and Engaging Reminders

Providers can send patients reminders, potentially reducing the number of no-shows at your practice.


Verify Demographics and Insurance

Patients can verify and update any demographic or insurance information online prior to seeing their doctor.


Utilize Customizable Forms and Questionnaires

Gather useful patient data and information by letting patients fill out forms and questionnaires online before the doctor’s visit.


Provide Online Bill Pay

Patients can pay outstanding balances online by simply clicking on a link they’ll receive via text message from their provider.

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Reinvent the Patient Visit

Use Telehealth

Telehealth is a convenient and powerful tool that can help expand reach and reduce the spread of illness at a physical office space.

Gain Easy Access to Patient Data

Providers can easily access patient-entered data by accessing and utilizing the intuitive healow Hub.

Truly Know Your Patients’ Health Histories

The PRISMA health information search engine brings together medical records from hospitals, urgent care clinics, and more.

Get Some Help From Our Virtual Assistant

Eva, the eClinicalWorks Virtual Assistant, can help providers save time by eliminating clicks and increasing efficiency.


Dictate Progress Notes

Use eClinicalWorks Scribe® to convert free-form dictation to structured Progress Notes on a computer, iPad®, or smartphone.


Further Educate Patients

Empower patients by educating them about why downloading the healow smartphone app will be beneficial to them.

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Reinvent the Post-Visit Process


Maximize Patient Engagement

Engage patients by having them utilize the different features of the healow app, such as integration with external wearable devices and trackers.

Improve the Patient Experience

Gain useful insight into future office visits by sending out customizable patient satisfaction surveys to patients.


Better Patient Communication

Send important reminders about upcoming appointments or news to keep patients informed.

Implement Chronic Care Management

Our Chronic Care Management (CCM) module can help providers better care for patients with multiple chronic conditions.

Deploy Transition Care Management

Our Transition Care Management (TCM) module can help providers maintain the continuity and quality of care during the critical times when patients are moving among care settings.


Encourage Home Health Monitoring

Providers can discuss using wearable health devices and trackers with patients that could range from glucometers to devices that measure activity.

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